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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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In addition to providing a preliminary interpretation, assessment of tumor viability and cellularity is helpful information to provide to the bronchoscopist. If a tumor is extensively necrotic, for example, sampling of a different site may help to increase the yield of viable tumor.
This convoluted and dilated vascular leads to a pressure corrosion of the bronchial mucosa with consequent rupture of the vascular wall, and it may eventually cause severe hemorrhage.[3] The bronchoscopists usually described it as small mucosa-colored tumor-like lesions with a few millimeters in diameter or length, which have a benign appearance under bronchoscope.
[3-6] It is accepted that a bronchoscopist should perform at least fifty procedures under supervision to be competent in EBUS-TBNA.
At the end of the procedure, the bronchoscopist was asked to use a 10-point VAS to rate patient's discomfort during the procedure, where 0 represented no discomfort and 10 represented maximum discomfort.
In this situation, the bronchoscopist must be careful not to occlude the right upper lobe.
A 14-G cannula (using the commercially available, either Griggs or Ciaglias kits) was moved between the second and third tracheal rings until air was inspired and/or bronchoscopist confirmed the safe and central position of the tip of cannula inside the trachea.
The document was also signed by the bronchoscopist responsible for the study.
Our study emphasizes (1) the importance of the preanesthetic examination of surgical patients, to identify those in whom conventional intubation would likely be problematic, and (2) the need to have fiberoptic bronchoscopes and an anesthesiologist or bronchoscopist skilled in their use available in operating suites and intensive care units.
Michael had lined up an immediate appointment with the bronchoscopist. The man clipped my x-rays to a lighted screen and pronounced, "I'll tell you what you have.
Indeed, from the point of view of the patient and the bronchoscopist, a "nondiagnostic bronch" represents a poor outcome.
All EBUS-TBNA procedures were performed by the same bronchoscopist. The EBUS-TBNA procedure was performed by an convex probe EBUS-guided TBNA bronchoscope (7.5 MHz, BF-UC160F; Olympus Optical Co, Tokyo, Japan) under conscious sedation.
The mortality obviously depends on the scrutiny of selection of patients for the procedure and the experience of the bronchoscopist and the facilities available.
During FDT, the position of the extremities of the forceps is continuously controlled by the bronchoscopist. When the alternative procedures (one step or progressive dilational techniques) are used, the view of the posterior tracheal wall is often obstructed and injuries could then occur.
[6,7] Depending on the nature and location of the foreign body, flexible bronchoscopy might be attempted initially, especially if the bronchoscopist has no experience with the rigid bronchoscope.