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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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A 14-G cannula (using the commercially available, either Griggs or Ciaglias kits) was moved between the second and third tracheal rings until air was inspired and/or bronchoscopist confirmed the safe and central position of the tip of cannula inside the trachea.
The bronchoscopy with BAL was performed by the bronchoscopist on call of the Endoscopy Department of the Hospital who had been designated by the bronchoscopist responsible for the study.
It is advisable that fiberoptic bronchoscopes and an anesthesiologist or bronchoscopist skilled in the use of FFB be available in all operating suites and intensive care units.
During FDT, the position of the extremities of the forceps is continuously controlled by the bronchoscopist.
6,7] Depending on the nature and location of the foreign body, flexible bronchoscopy might be attempted initially, especially if the bronchoscopist has no experience with the rigid bronchoscope.
The seemingly incongruent techniques of the rigid bronchoscopist and direct laryngoscopist are discussed from an historical perspective.
The decision to perform a cryobiopsy or a conventional biopsy was at the operator's discretion, which was largely based on experience and comfort level of the performing bronchoscopist.
A cytopathologist was present on site during the endobronchial ultrasound-guided FNA procedure of a 4L lymph node, during which 13 needle passes were obtained by the bronchoscopist.
The preliminary diagnosis of malignancy with a differential diagnosis of metastatic melanoma versus metastatic adenocarcinoma was communicated to the bronchoscopist, and EBUS-guided FNA procedure was concluded; the paratracheal lymph node was not sampled.
In such cases, accurate determination of distance of tumor from the carina requires integration of clinicoradiographic data and/or consultation with the surgeon, radiologist, and/or bronchoscopist.
Two new techniques, electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (44,45) and virtual bronchoscopic navigation, (43) allow the bronchoscopist to reach virtually any lung nodule greater than about 2 cm.