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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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The pathologist's approach to bronchoscopic biopsies.
The usage of different bronchoscopic techniques in this unique coincidence of EH and HL resulted in treatment and diagnosis of these diseases, respectively.
It was reported that surgery alone or after failure of BAE had a success rate of nearly 100%.[4] Besides conventional management options, some reports described therapeutic bronchoscopic management including argon plasma coagulation (APC) and Nd:YAP laser ablation for this condition.[2] The advantages of endobronchial APC and laser ablation are rapid, effective coagulation, and short operating time.
Initially, anaesthesia was achieved by nebulising the patients with 2 mL of 4% lidocaine in sitting posture just before bronchoscopic examination.
"This first procedure post-FDA approval is a turning point in our capabilities to treat severe emphysema using a minimally invasive bronchoscopic option," Gerard J.
To facilitate bronchoscopic facilitation of the tracheostomy, it was decided to change the tube to a 8.0 mm ID over a bougie (rather than an Airway Exchange Catheter).
It was a case series consisting of 50 TBLB procedures conducted via flexible fibreoptic bronchoscope (among >200 diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopic procedures) over 24 months (April 2015 to April 2017).
Bronchoscopic removal of foreign body from airway through tracheotomy or tracheostomy.
The exact bronchoscopic localisation of the fistula was assessed by occlusion of the upper and lower lobe bronchus on the left, using a bronchus blocker while measuring the fistula flow with the Thopaz Digital Chest Drainage System (Medela AG, Switzerland).
Caption: Figure 2: Bronchoscopic images ((a) and (b)) depicting an obstructed LLL bronchus with a fleshy, pearly endobronchial mass (black arrow).
Comparison between bronchoscopic BAL and non-bronchoscopic BAL in patients with VAP.
From the whole study population, 54% had iatrogenic bleeding occurring during bronchoscopic biopsy.
This case report highlights broncholith-associated actinomyces pneumonia as a potential rare complication of a calcified hilar lymph node diagnosed with classical imaging and bronchoscopic findings.
This technique involves bronchoscopic guided instillation of biological reagents to distal airway with the aim of inducing inflammation and eventually remodeling and shrinkage of damaged regions of lung [9,10].