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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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Rigid bronchoscopy is one of the best method of removal of foreign body airway as it ensures patency of the airways during removal, prevents the foreign body from damaging the mucosa as the foreign body is usually pulled into the lumen of the bronchoscope and ensures adequate ventilation during the procedure1,2.
In this 320-g cockatoo, a flexible bronchoscope was passed through the oral cavity without ingluviotomy, and the foreign body was successfully removed with an endoscopic retrieval basket passed alongside the bronchoscope.
9 cm for women, using computerized tomography (CT) and fiberoptic bronchoscope.
Therefore, we evaluated the efficacy and safety of endotracheal intubation using a flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope in patients in the lateral position.
InterVapor, Uptake's proprietary targeted vapor ablation technology that received CE Mark approval in 2015, applies energy with heated water vapor via a standard bronchoscope to the lungs.
Fibreoptic bronchoscope was passed from nose by continuously spraying topical lidocaine.
A special instrument can be fitted into the bronchoscope to take a specimen of a suspected tumour for analysis and, if necessary, to carry out laser surgery.
The new bronchoscope features design improvements forinstrument maneuverability, suction capacity, and handling ergonomics intended to enhance physician ease-of-use while maintaining the unparalleled efficiency, cost-efficacy, andpatient safety elements of the sterile, disposable EndoSheath technology.
Here, we report our experience of using a flexible bronchoscope for pleuroscopy to diagnose pleural effusions in patients with acute respiratory failure at the bedside in the ICU.
The pressure transducer tracing from the bronchoscope channel during the Mueller's maneuver could also be attached to the sheet.
Tokyo, Sept 25, 2011 - (JCN) - PENTAX Lifecare, a division of HOYA Corporation has launched the world's first HD video bronchoscope at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) annual congress in Amsterdam.
Momen Wahidi, director of interventional pulmonology at Duke university, heard about the case, he thought he could remove the mystery object with a rigid bronchoscope.
All patients had undergone bronchoscopy using the same bronchoscope, and all received care at the medical center during May 31-July 31, 2008.
An Indian baby underwent a bronchoscope operation to remove the foreign object that had blocked her left lung.
The use of a large rigid bronchoscope allows a small suction catheter to be placed next to the site of treatment to remove blood and secretions throughout the procedure.