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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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A special instrument can be fitted into the bronchoscope to take a specimen of a suspected tumour for analysis and, if necessary, to carry out laser surgery.
The new bronchoscope features design improvements forinstrument maneuverability, suction capacity, and handling ergonomics intended to enhance physician ease-of-use while maintaining the unparalleled efficiency, cost-efficacy, andpatient safety elements of the sterile, disposable EndoSheath technology.
Here, we report our experience of using a flexible bronchoscope for pleuroscopy to diagnose pleural effusions in patients with acute respiratory failure at the bedside in the ICU.
The pressure transducer tracing from the bronchoscope channel during the Mueller's maneuver could also be attached to the sheet.
PENTAX has been an industry leader in high definition endoscopy and the latest EB-1990i HD bronchoscope is the first HD bronchoscope with a megapixel CCD that delivers clear high resolution images with accurate colour reproduction.
The Indian family belatedly referred their daughter to Saqr Hospital the next day where a team of surgeons led by Dr Magdi Thaqeb, Consultant ENT Surgeon decided the infant should undergo a bronchoscope operation.
The bronchoscope is too large to reach the small airways deep in the lungs.
Upon examination of the trachea with a flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope via the LMA Fastrach, a tracheal web was visualized 1 cm below the true vocal cords.
Through a bronchoscope, doctors implant the specialized one-way valves near the area of the lung damaged by emphysema.
Interventions were performed through a rigid or flexible bronchoscope.
This year the donation will meet the final payment costs towards an ultrasound machine and help begin a new fund towards the purchase of a bronchoscope camera.
At that point, the animal was anesthetized, and tracheoscopy was performed with a flexible 56-cm bronchoscope (Olympus B3R; Tokyo, Japan (Figure 1).
A bronchoscope is a thin, tubelike instrument that physicians use to examine the inside of lungs and to collect pulmonary tissue samples through a channel port.
Although a biopsy specimen obtained through the use of a bronchoscope is less reliable than specimens obtained from other diagnostic procedures, medical personnel did not consider performing other more definitive diagnostic procedures to assist with their diagnosis,'' Miller wrote.
A bronchoscope is an instrument for inspecting the interior of the tracheobronchial tree and carrying out endobronchial diagnostic and therapeutic maneuvers, such as taking specimens for culture and biopsy and removing foreign objects.