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a slender tubular instrument used to examine the bronchial tubes

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Here, after a bronchoscope is inserted through the patient's mouth upon intubation and sedation, high-quality real-time cone beam CT imaging and available software enables the interventional pulmonologist to clearly visualize and outline the lesion.
Also helping the FDA bronchoscope probe slip under the radar was the lower infection risk the devices posed compared with their intestinal counterparts.
To achieve a definite diagnosis, we attempted to perform ENUS-TNNA with a real-time ultrasonic bronchoscope to obtain specimens from submucosal lesions of the nasopharynx for histopathological examination.{Figure 1}
It is a 7.5 MHz convex probe inside a saline-inflatable balloon at the tip of the bronchoscope. The outer diameter of the bronchoscope tube is 6.3 mm.
The fiberoptic bronchoscope (Karl Storz[R] Intubation fiberscope 11301 BN1) was passed through the tube, vocal cords were visualized and the tube was passed through the glottic aperture.
Flexible bronchoscope having a great diagnostic and therapeutic yield is used in many airways and pulmonary parenchymal disorders1,2.
A 2.8-mm video Olympus bronchoscope (Olympus America Corp, Center Valley, PA, USA) was introduced into the oral cavity and passed through the crop and esophagus and into the proventriculus.
First, pulmonary artery catheter (PAC) was placed at the entrance of the left lung main stem with the aid of a foreign body removal forceps and 3.5-mm rigid bronchoscope was inserted into the trachea.
While maintaining anaesthesia with a mixture of O2 and an inhalational anaesthetic agent, a fiberoptic bronchoscope (Olympus BF type 3C40, Olympus Optical Co., Japan) was passed through the endotracheal tube.
InterVapor allows interventional pulmonologists to access a patient's lung via a standard bronchoscope, and then use heated water vapor to perform targeted lung volume reduction.
Imaging studies initially missed a foreign body (the chicken bone), which was found on follow-up studies and was removed with a flexible bronchoscope despite the fact that 5 years had passed since the aspiration.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) hypot hernia, (b) warming cabinet for intravenous solutions, also (c) bronchoscope fiber optic for chest surgery, also (b) bronchoscope R.G.D.