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pneumonia characterized by acute inflammation of the walls of the bronchioles

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Microscopic examination of his lungs confirmed the development of bronchopneumonia.
I accept that Mr Tarr died from multi-organ failure caused by bronchopneumonia and consolidation.
Common diagnoses referred to in medical records (N=454) Hospital HCM, HGM, Total, Diagnosis n (%) n (%) N (%) Bronchopneumonia 60 (26.
People over 65 and children who are two or younger have a higher risk of developing bronchopneumonia and complications.
We included all adult patients admitted to our intensive care unit presenting with clinical features/suspicion of H1N1 bronchopneumonia and respiratory failure.
The eight-month-old Wednes-field tot died in January 2014 as a result of severe malnourishment, bronchopneumonia and rickets.
Dr Fernandez was apparently inspired to become a paediatrician by the death of her sister at the age of five from severe bronchopneumonia.
Doctors concluded the medical cause of her death was bronchopneumonia but said the ankle break was also a factor.
According to the post-mortem examination report of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Skopje, her death was caused by bronchopneumonia rather than scoliosis.
BOLLYWOOD thespian Dilip Kumar was discharged from Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on Thursday, his 92nd birthday, after being treated of bronchopneumonia.
A post-mortem examination showed the cause of death to be bronchopneumonia with a "clear" underlying cause being the cancer.
Patchy necrotizing Bronchopneumonia and Lobar Pneumonia was present (Figure 4).
Case Description: A 21-year-old male with cystic fibrosis and prior history of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bronchopneumonia (diagnosed and treated in July) presented to the pulmonary clinic in August, with increasing cough, dyspnea and chest discomfort.
Histologic examination revealed Bollinger inclusion bodies in cutaneous lesions, mild-to-severe bronchopneumonia, moderate periportal lymphocytic hepatitis, splenic lymphopenia and lymphocytolisis.