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CXR and CT Scan chest revealed herniation of affected lobe, with mediastinal shift in 2 patients of CLE on the left side and right para tracheal cyst in case of bronchogenic cyst (Figure 1-C).
Resection of a bronchogenic cyst in the first decade of life with robotic surgery.
Lv, "Retroperitoneal bronchogenic cyst resembling an adrenal tumor with high levels of serum carbohydrate antigen 19-9: a case report," Medicine, vol.
The most common mediastinal cysts include bronchogenic cysts, enteric duplication cysts, pericardial cysts, and thymic cysts, though most of these cysts appear in the middle mediastinum with the exception of thymic cysts in the anterior mediastinum.
The diagnosis of intrathoracic cysts is challenging because of several possible pathologic findings, including bronchogenic cysts, neurenteric cysts, and other foregut duplication cysts.
In the posterior mediastinum two patients had bronchogenic cysts and duplication cyst, Neurenteric cysts were found in one and three cases respectively.
The terms (("Bronchogenic Cyst"[Mesh]) OR foregut cyst) AND (stomach) were used because the search using Mesh terms for bronchogenic cyst, leiomyoma, and GIST retrieved no results.
Caption: FIGURE 14: (a) Bronchogenic cyst. High-resolution CT scan reveals a 5.0 x 7.0 cm, well-circumscribed, thin- walled cystic mass of fluid density (+51 Hounsfield units) arising within the right lung and abutting the posterior aspect of the heart.
Congenital pulmonary malformations (congenital bronchogenic cyst and congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation) are important predisposing factors for development of PPB12-14, thus early resection of congenital lung anomalies is advisable15.
Based on the constellation of imaging findings, a presumptive diagnosis of bronchogenic cyst was made, given the separation of the cyst from the esophageal wall; however, in the absence of histology, the differential diagnosis included esophageal duplication cyst.
Three patients had benign pathologies (retrosternal goitre, bronchogenic cyst, giant left atrium) and three had lymphoma.
Computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan showed a posterior mediastinal mass compressing the oesophagus, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed high signal intensities on both T1 and T2 weighted images suggestive of bronchogenic cyst (Fig.1).
Pathologic examination of the excised tissue confirmed the bronchogenic cyst (Figure 3).
Cysts are lined by gastrointestinal, often gastric body or fundus type, mucosa but may also display varying amounts of respiratory mucosa (heterotopic bronchogenic cyst) and/or stratified squamous epithelium.