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8] In a retrospective study from United States, acute bronchitis was the most common cause of hemoptysis, followed by bronchogenic carcinoma.
Thereby, the patient was finally diagnosed to have SVC syndrome due to thrombosis as a paraneoplastic syndrome in bronchogenic carcinoma.
3) display two different paths that the clinician may select during the treatment of bronchogenic carcinoma in stage IIIB.
Differentiation of bronchogenic carcinoma carcinoma from postobstructive pneumonitis by magnetic resonance imaging: histopathologic correlation.
Conclusion: Bronchoscopy is a safe procedure for the diagnosis of bronchogenic carcinoma and also for smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis.
5) All other calcification patterns, including eccentric and amorphous calcification, are indeterminate, as up to 10% of bronchogenic carcinoma can demonstrate dystrophic calcification, and rarely a pre-existing granuloma engulfed by malignancy can produce eccentric calcification within a nodule (Figure 4).
Patz EF, Lowe VJ, Goodman PC, et al: Thoracic nodal staging with PET imaging with 18 FDG in patients with Bronchogenic carcinoma.
Although initially proposed as a palliative tool in the management of end-stage esophageal or bronchogenic carcinoma, it has emerged as a modality which can effectively treat early as well as advanced endoluminal tumors, PDT has been incorporated into all aspects of our practice, including palliation, induction therapy, and definitive intervention for early-stage cancers of the aerodigestive tract.
The clinical behavior of "mixed" small cell/large cell bronchogenic carcinoma compared to "pure" small cell subtypes.
The radiograph showed a 4-cm mass in the left lung, which the radiologist reported as bronchogenic carcinoma.
It still is used today for stage III and IV Hodgkin's disease and other hematologic cancers, including polycythemia vera and mycoses fungoides, and bronchogenic carcinoma.
It was found that serum Cu level was increased in bronchogenic carcinoma.
This case illustrates the difficulties encountered in the diagnosis of an endobronchial foreign body where the presentation is delayed, with little initial history of aspiration, the potential confusion with the endobronchial appearance of bronchogenic carcinoma and the rare presentation of recurrent empyema.