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carcinoma of the lungs

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Malignancies metastasizing to the sinonasal region include, in the order of frequency, RCC, bronchogenic carcinoma, thyroid and breast carcinomas, and prostate tumors (2).
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In a gradually developing SVC syndrome, bronchogenic carcinoma is the commonest cause.
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Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax occurs in patients having underlying pulmonary pathologies such as COPD, cystic fibrosis, status asthmaticus, interstitial lung disease, and bronchogenic carcinoma. Air invades the pleural space in many of these patients because the alveolar epithelium has become compromised from a pulmonary disease.
(4) PLCH has also been associated with pulmonary malignancies, namely bronchogenic carcinoma that can arise pulmonary scar tissue.
In bronchogenic carcinoma, complications and associated diseases are highly individual and their costs must be monitored separately so they were excluded from the calculations.
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