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any of the smallest bronchial ducts

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In contrast, terminal and respiratory bronchioles arising from each pathway revealed varying degrees of wall thickening and remodeling.
(9) However, studies based on lung cancer resection specimens have shown that fine fibrosis in the alveolar walls around respiratory bronchioles is in fact very common in the lungs of cigarette smokers who have no clinical evidence of an ILD.
Hogg and colleagues (21) in 1968 first used the term small airways disease to describe airway disease in patients with variably severe chronic airflow obstruction characterized by loss of bronchioles, mucus plugs, and variable amounts of inflammation and fibrosis that involve "the smallest bronchi as well as the bronchioles, so that neither bronchitis nor bronchiolitis is an appropriate term." Disease severity was noted to correlate with occlusion of airway lumen by mucus and inflammatory cells.
In addition, there was muscular hyperplasia in smooth muscle layers of some vessels and bronchioles. Due to intense exudate accumulation, congestive atelectasis with different intensities, enlargement of some alveoli in emphysematous fashion and even destruction of morphological structure due to rupture of alveolar walls were observed (Figure 3B-3D).
(61) None of the exposures utilized by Morgan caused lesions or injuries to the bronchioles of the study animals.
There is peribronchiolar fibrosis with fine fibrosis bridging to the subpleural region (bracket) as well as bronchiole to bronchiole bridging and patchy, minimal subpleural fibrosis.
From the centre of such a bronchiole, a perpendicular was dropped to the edge of the Acinus (Connective tissue septum or pleura), and the number of alveoli cut by this line was then counted.
ResultsIn the control group, normal alveolar duct, alveolar spaces and terminal bronchioles with regular size and shape of the alveoli were found (Figure-1).
Scarce attachment of avian influenza viruses to bronchioles and alveoli of harbor seals is consistent with low pathogenicity of these viruses for harbor seals during experimental infection (4-6).
Inhaled bronchodilator and corticosteroid medications directly ease the patient's bronchiole resistance to air flow by widening the diameter of the airways and diminishing inflammation, thus increasing FEV1, PIF, and PEFR (Skrepnek & Skrepnek, 2004).
(4) bronchiole: (BRONK-ee-ole) A bronchiole is one of many tiny air tubes in your lungs.
(3) abdomen (4) alveoli (3) appendix (3) artery (3) bicuspid (4) bronchiole (4) capillary (3) carotid (4) cerebellum (3) cerebrum (4) coccyx (3) cranium (3) diaphragm (3) epiglottis (3) esophagus (4) incisor (3) jugular (4) larynx (3) ligament (3) lumbar (3) lymph node (4) macula (3) mandible (3) mastoid (4) maxillary sinus (3) molar (3) muscles (3) ophthalmic (3) pancreas (4) pericardium (3) pharynx (4) pituitary (3) quadriceps (3) retina (4) sacroiliac
Nature, for example, moves oxygen from the atmosphere to mammalian bloodstreams through countless tiny tubes in the lungs called bronchiole, Drost said.
C, Collapsed bronchiolar epithelial lined alveoli (Lambertosis) can look concerning, but the relationship to the bronchiole confirms a benign metaplastic proliferation (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnifications X10 [A], X2 [B], and X20 [C]).