bronchial pneumonia

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pneumonia characterized by acute inflammation of the walls of the bronchioles

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In fact Rachel had been born in Nottingham in 1981 but tragically died from bronchial pneumonia before her first birthday .
A post-mortem examination carried out by paediatric pathologist Dr Sree Annavarapu found an infection on the lungs indicating bronchial pneumonia as well as evidence that Harley suffered lack of oxygen before his death.
The levels of each drug alone would not have been enough to prove fatal, but taken together alongside the bronchial pneumonia he was suffering created a lethal cocktail.
A GRIEVING mum paid tribute to her "gorgeous" baby daughter after she died of bronchial pneumonia having suffered cold-like symptoms.
She said that although she suffered extensive burns, the patient did not die from those injuries but from bronchial pneumonia.
Charlotte, from Bronygarth, near Oswestry, succumbed to an "incredibly rare" bacteria which caused tonsillitis and led to bronchial pneumonia.
Pathologist Dr Jan Lowe said he died from bronchial pneumonia due to a tumour in his chest which had developed as a result of malignant mesothelioma - an asbestos-related condition.
An examination put her cause of death several weeks after the accident as acute bronchial pneumonia resulting from her spinal injury.
The grandmother died of bronchial pneumonia in hospital nine days later.
Peter Welbourne, 64, died in Kirkwood HospiceonMarch18 last year from bronchial pneumonia due to mesothelioma, which is caused by asbestos exposure.
She was left bedridden and developed bronchial pneumonia.
Aidan Cotter said Mr Adams, of no fixed address, died from bronchial pneumonia associated with multiple consumption of drugs including methadone and morphine.
Ricky King, 18, who had a new baby along with his partner, was found collapsed over the side of his bed by his mother after he had been hit by a bout of bronchial pneumonia.
George Strachan, who had been suffering from bronchial pneumonia, was the oldest of three brothers.
Eusebio was treated for bronchial pneumonia last December and has been admitted to hospital several times since.