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any of the smallest bronchial ducts

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According to a study by Fekri et al., people with bronchial anthracosis had a 2.6 times greater risk of tuberculosis than healthy individuals (prevalence of TB was 6.9% and 2.7%, respectively).
Gastric and bronchial lavages were negative for acidfast microorganisms.
Considering the presence of carbon particles in the environment of urban/industrial areas and despite the fact that bronchoscopy is performed nearly in all referral medical centers, bronchial anthracosis is not widely reported.
Congenital lobar emphysema is characterized by over inflation of the pulmonary lobe (gas trapping) and is caused by localized bronchial obstruction.9,10The causative factor can be found only in half of the cases which include either partial bronchial obstruction or intrinsic alveolar disease.
Bronchoscopy with bronchial washing (BW) is needed for sputum-scarce patients to establish the diagnosis.10
[ClickPress, Thu Dec 20 2018] With the exceeding significance of bronchial blocker devices in the field of medical science, the bronchial blocker devices manufacturers have introduced revolutionary solutions in the bronchial blocker devices market for improved medical aid to the patients.
The University of California at San Francisco transplant and pulmonary surgeon Georg Wieselthaler said he and his team were 'astonished' when they saw the bronchial tree-shaped blood clot.
Bronchial asthma is a condition characterized by chronic airway inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness leading to symptoms of wheeze, cough, chest tightness, and dyspnea.
Selective bronchial arteriography was consequently performed and it showed tortuous, dilated, and elongated branches of the bronchial artery in the region of the right lower lobe bronchus [Figure 1]d.
Bronchial biopsies and brush samples can be taken for pathological examination and a direct assessment can be made of operability as judged by the proximity of central tumours to the main carina.
The results released on Monday were in line with a growing body of evidence that pointed to a healthy diet being a potential therapy for bronchial inflammation, Lead researcher Maria Papamichael at La Trobe University said.
The treatment called bronchial thermoplasty has been shown to help more sever cases of the condition which causes inflammation of the airway walls where drugs do not work.
Objective: To determine the frequency of allergic asthma and 18common causative aeroallergens sensitisation among patients of bronchial asthma.