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any of the smallest bronchial ducts

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Core Structure Human tissue Reference(s) 1 Gal[beta]1-3GalNAc Most cells and (7) secreted proteins 2 Gal[beta]1-3 All blood cells (221) 3 GlcNAc[beta]1-3GalNAc Colon and saliva (222, 223) 4 GlcNAc[beta]1- Mucin-secreting (221) 3(GlcNAc[beta]1-6)GalNAc cell types 5 GalNAc[alpha]1-3GalNAc Meconium (224) 6 GlcNAc[beta]1-6GalNAc Ovarian tissue (225) 7 GlcNAc[alpha]1-6GalNAc 8 Gal[alpha]1-3GalNAc Bronchia (226) Table 3.
The collapse of the very smallest bronchia tubes corresponds to the severe symptoms of asthma, he notes.
There is a potential risk of aspirating small amounts of the petroleum into the sinus cavities, bronchia, or lung tissue.
It involved taking a steroid and a long-acting drug that dilated the bronchia, which are combined as a single dose.