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either of the two main branches of the trachea

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Foreign bodies were located in the left main bronchus in 8 (22.2%) patients, the right main bronchus in 19 (52.8%), the right distal bronchi in 2 (5.5%), and in the left distal bronchi in 1 (2.8%) patient.
The service provider would be required to open the trachea down to the bronchi and purposefully look for gapeworms.
The new procedure reduces muscle mass and decreases the constriction of the bronchi that can take place during an asthma attack.
The inside walls of the bronchi are coated with sticky mucus, which protects against damage from particles moving down into the lungs.
The bronchi were divided into the primary, secondary and tertiary bronchus, and they formed an interconnected labyrinthine structure.
The circled areas depict the two endobronchial valves within the left upper lobe segmental bronchi (LB1/2 and LB3).
Caption: Figure 2: (a) CT scan of the chest showing a hypodense cystic lesion in the middle mediastinum (arrow), causing compression on the carina and the proximal aspect of the mainstem bronchi, more pronounced on the left main bronchus.
The structures that make up the posterior respiratory system of boto and tucuxi were evaluated macroscopically at the UFAC's Laboratory of Animal Anatomy (Center for Biological and Nature Sciences) and the following biometric parameters were taken: length, width and thickness of the components of the trachea, tracheal bronchus, main bronchi and lungs.
New Delhi [India], Nov 16 ( ANI ): COPD is a respiratory disease in which the wind pipes (bronchi) are narrowed resulting in limitation of the airflow.
Conclusions: In children with a 'high risk' of respiratory tract remodeling more significant inflammatory process in the bronchi is found than in children with a 'low risk.'
A recent chest CT demonstrated extensive thickening of the walls of the trachea and bronchi at different levels with luminal narrowing.
This is because the differences between the right and left bronchi are less pronounced in children compared with adults [15].
Therefore, the amounts of cromoglycate deposited in each stage of the Marple-type cascade impactor, which is regarded as a standard in Europe, were evaluated by delivering the drug in 3 dosage forms (capsule (DP), pMDI, and inhalant solution (with the jet-type NE-C28 or the mesh-type NE-U22 nebulizer)) (Figure 2), the particle size distribution was studied, and the deposition rate in the bronchi was evaluated.
[12] studied steady inspiration airflow (0.5 l/s) in a model with the fifth-generation bronchi and found that laminar vortex formation is related to customized morphological features of airway.
Two of our cases had FB in both bronchi. In a study by Liang et al.