bromphenol blue

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a dye used as an acid-base indicator

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We also validated the method by assaying several serum samples with known autoantibody profiles in separate wells, and we added bromphenol blue to the spotting solutions to monitor for any failure in probe deposition.
10), the apical cytoplasm was filled with granules that were eosinophilic and did not stain with PAS, bromphenol blue, or WGA.
Equal volumes of sample and loading buffer, consisting of 4 M urea with bromphenol blue, were mixed, and 10 [micro]L was loaded on the gel.
Dried pellets were resuspended in SDS-PAGE sample buffer (65 mM Tris-HCl, 10% (v/v) glycerol, 2% (w/v) SDS, pH 6.8 and 5% b-mercaptoethanol with Bromphenol blue).
Serum samples were diluted in 5 mol/L urea, 2 mol/L thiourea, 4% (wt/vol) CHAPS, 65 mmol/L dithiothreitol, 2 mmol/L tributylphosphine, 150 mmol/L nondetergent sulfobetaine-256 (NDSB-256), and 0.0012% (wt/vol) bromphenol blue. The protein solution was mixed with 0.45% (by volume) pH 2-4 ampholytes, 0.45% (by volume) pH 9-11 ampholytes, and 0.9% (by volume) pH 3-10 ampholytes (SERVALYT[R], SERVA).
The beads were then washed twice with lysis buffer, and 20 [micro]L of 2x sample buffer [100 mmol/L Tris, pH 6.80; 40 [micro]g/L sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS); 200 mL/L glycerol; 20 [micro]g/L bromphenol blue; 15 g/L dithiothreitol)] was added to the tube.
Each PCR product for [Zn.sup.2+]-cyclen-PAGE was dissolved in a half amount of a loading dye containing 50 mmol/L EDTA, 0.5 g/L bromphenol blue, and 300 mL/L glycerol and then applied (0.5-1.0 ng of DNA per well).
For SDS-PAGE, the samples were centrifuged (20 000g for 5 min) and denatured by heating at 95[degrees]C for 3 min in a modified gel-loading buffer containing 15 g/L glycine, 3.5 g/L Tris-HCl (pH 6.8),1 g/L SDS, 100 mL/L glycerol, and 1 g/L bromphenol blue but no [beta]-mercaptoethanol.
After amplification, 2 [micro]L of PCR products was mixed with 8 [micro]L of single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis buffer containing 950 mL/L formamide, l0 mmol/L NaOH, and 0.5 g/L of both xylene cyanol and bromphenol blue. The mixtures were denatured at 95[degrees]C for 3 min and chilled on ice before electrophoretic separation.
For endoVII-MADGE, the reaction was terminated by addition of 3 [micro]L of loading dye (10 mmol/L NaOH, 50 mmol/L EDTA, 800 mL/L formamide, 2.5 g/L bromphenol blue, and 2.5 g/L xylene cyanole FF).
Serum (1 [micro]L with bromphenol blue added as a visual marker) was separated by electrophoresis (12 g/L agarose, pH 8.7, with 40 mmol/L sodium borate buffer containing 1 mmol/L calcium lactate) in a vertical electrophoresis unit with an applied current of 20 mA for 2.5 h.
The samples were mixed with SDSPAGE sample buffer (100 mL/L glycerol, 2 g/L sodium dodecyl sulfate, 50 mL/L [beta]-mercaptoethanol, 0.04 g/L bromphenol blue, 62.5 mmol/L Tris-HCI, pH 6.8) and boiled for 5 min.