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a nonmetallic heavy volatile corrosive dark brown liquid element belonging to the halogens

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Oligopolistic Markets: The markets for bromine, lithium, and catalysts are highly concentrated, and Albemarle is a key player in each, benefiting from low-cost production and pricing power.
student opened a bromine water can cause difficulties irritation.
The chemical sector will remain the largest consumer of bromine derivatives, accounting for around 60% of the global market volume share in 2016.
The study provides the value chain analysis with respect to bromine raw materials, manufacturers, and end-users.
Hudson's team found that Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies need bromine to live.
have been shown to be bromine deficient," McCall, an M.D./Ph.D.
20 mL bromine water with a certain molar concentration is contained in a sealed container and the bottom of the container is quaternized polysulfone composite membrane which is pasted onto the container to let ions cross through it.
Newcastle Crown Court heard how, in 2007, a bromine bulk storage tank had been taken out of service and prepared for an insurance inspection which included removing short sections of connecting pipework.
Albemarle is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of bromine, bromine derivatives and other specialty chemicals.
The second phase of the expansion will double the current capacity of key bromine derivatives, hydrobromic acid, calcium bromide, and sodium bromide, and is scheduled for commissioning in May 2013, said a top official.
BVO is a mixture of more or less standard vegetable oil and the element bromine. The addition of bromine increases the density of the vegetable oil, keeping it from rising to the top of a drink.
The samples were immersed in a bromine-methanol ([Br.sub.2]-C[H.sub.2]OH) solution having a bromine concentration of 1%.
Summary: The bromination reactions of benz[f]indene 1 were investigated with molecular bromine and photobromination.
These structures, which grow on young sea ice in the Arctic, can expose concentrated ocean brine to the atmosphere and may be implicated in bromine explosions.