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a nonmetallic heavy volatile corrosive dark brown liquid element belonging to the halogens

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The demand for global bromine market is anticipated to show considerable growth during the forecast period 2015-2020 due to its increased demand in several applications such as biocides, flame retardants, oil & gas drilling, plasma etching, and PTA synthesis.
Bromide ions, negatively charged versions of bromine, stabilize cellular support structures called basement membranes, Hudson's team discovered.
Bromine supplementation may improve the health of patients on dialysis or total parenteral nutrition (TPN), for example.
When the worker removed cables connected to the tank, the bellows failed, releasing the bromine over him.
This investment further strengthens JBC's position as the world's low-cost bromine producer and allows us to continue providing our customers around the world with quality products that drive value in their processes," explained Luke Kissam, Albemarle CEO.
The Geological Survey calls bromine "the leading mineral commodity, in terms of value, produced in Arkansas.
One possible source of bromine could be newly forming sea ice.
It was important the sea water from which the bromine is extracted is as clean as possible,could be replenished with fresh seawater quickly and was warmed by the Gulf Stream -three factors which influenced the decision to built the new plant at Amlwch.
Trials with BrMEH were carried out, with the result that BrMEH successfully replaced bromine at a lower cost.
US demand for bromine derivatives will increase nearly 5 percent per year to 815 million pounds in the year 2003, valued at $1.
This report analyzes the US market for Bromine in Thousand Metric Tons by the following End-Use Segments: Flame Retardants, Drilling Fluids, Brominated Pesticides, Water-Treatment Chemicals, and Others.
ICL, Responsible for Third of the World's Bromine, Deploys the Innovative Technology First in its California Fire Retardant Production Site
com announces 2015 Global Bromine Industry Research Report of 211 pages supported with all data compared in excel spreadsheet to its store.
decided in 2010 it would shut down one of its bromine units in El Dorado to save money.