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Synonyms for Bromeliaceae

a family of tropical American plants of order Xyridales including several (as the pineapple) of economic importance

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Structure and composition of the aquatic invertebrate community inhabiting epiphytic bromeliads in south Florida and the discovery of an insectivorous bromeliad.
We believe bromeliad structure may make nests less visible and less vulnerable to predation by white-eared opossums (Didelphis albiventer) and black rats (Rattus rattus), which are common around houses in disturbed areas, but not to predation by House Wrens (Troglodytes aedon), Plush-crested Jays (Cyanocorax chrysops), and brown capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella), common nest predators in the undisturbed site (Auer et al.
We can dream of getting out and becoming a force helping conserve bromeliads in their native habitats, but we have little money to do this.
Although bromeliad size did not correlate with scorpion abundance, there may be a minimum size of bromeliad that can support scorpions, since scorpions were absent in three small species (V.
Succulents, including cactuses, and bromeliads are survivors.
This provided the students with their first look at where their food was actually grown The students continued through the pine forests, identifying the bromeliads and orchids they passed.
Q I was given a beautiful bromeliad plant in spring and after flowering it sent out three new shoots.
Every 5 days or so, a female carrying a male piggyback returns to a particular bromeliad.
The film rights to the British author's best-selling Bromeliad Trilogy have been snapped up by Hollywood giant Dream-Works.
Adamson added, "Terry Pratchett is an incredibly clever and imaginative writer, and I was drawn into the world of 'The Bromeliad.
2010) An alphabetical list of Bromeliad Binomials, edn.
The Coryphasia species were rarely found outside bromeliads, occupied larger bromeliad species among those available, and were generally more frequent on bromeliads in open areas, such as inselbergs on mountain tops.
He fills his water bottle half full and usually has enough at the end of the ride to water his bromeliad plants near his front porch.
To create a life-like bromeliad, fix Pink Starlight cryptanthus (which has pink, green and cream-striped leaves in tight rosettes) to pieces of cork, bark or branches set in pots of concrete.