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Synonyms for Bromeliaceae

a family of tropical American plants of order Xyridales including several (as the pineapple) of economic importance

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Field observations since 2010 have not indicated any reduction in damage caused to bromeliad populations by the weevil, even in the most northern part of the bromeliads' range.
Maternal control of calcium concentration in the larval nursery of the bromeliad crab, Metopaulias depressus (Grapsidae).
The relationship between body size and population size in bromeliad tank fauna.
The female moved beyond the forest edge, traveled along the ground toward the nest, and climbed a nearby tree (~5 m away), crossed onto the branches of the nest tree and entered the nest in the bromeliad.
We can dream of getting out and becoming a force helping conserve bromeliads in their native habitats, but we have little money to do this.
This is not an invasive method to the plant because this bromeliad genus absorbs nutrients and water needed through its leaves.
Although bromeliad size did not correlate with scorpion abundance, there may be a minimum size of bromeliad that can support scorpions, since scorpions were absent in three small species (V.
distachia, a threatened endemic bromeliad of South Brazil, a regenerative protocol was successfully developed for the in vitro conservation and mass propagation (POMPELLI & GUERRA, 2005).
Mary and her husband, Dennis, are members of the Baton Rouge Bromeliad Society and have devoted much of their lives to collecting, growing, and selling Bromeliads and Tillandsias.
This weekend's Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society and San Fernando Valley Bromeliad Show and Sale offers the perfect opportunity to see and learn about the many different species.
A tiny, intricate bromeliad or cactus just begs to be viewed up close.
In this study we describe the internal heterogeneity of three bromeliad colonies (plots) and analyze how this heterogeneity affects Acacia praecox regeneration (i.
Those like Bromeliad or Lady Slipper Orchid should be watered once weekly and a Caladium every three days during the summer.