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4 shows that the role of the root system in increasing soil resistance was greater for smooth bromegrass than switchgrass.
Tufted hairgrass and slender wheatgrass are both indigenous to most of Alaska and northern Canada; smooth bromegrass is an introduced, long-lived, forage grass commonly used in the region.
At comparable growth stages, bluegrass contains more energy per pound of dry matter than smooth bromegrass.
Effects of 24- epibrassinolide on freezing and thermotolerance of bromegrass (Bromus inermis) cell cultures.
Structural responses to selection for reduced fiber concentration in smooth bromegrass.
Brome Mosaic--A viral disease of smooth bromegrass, caused by Marmor graminis; characterized by local lesions, yellow stripes on the foliage, and death of new growth.
This project measured the effect of depth on the root length density and root diameter on three grass species: Big Bluestem (Andropogen furcatus), Smooth Bromegrass (Bromus inermis), and Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum).
Now, 5,000 acres that never saw a plow but were planted in fire-resistant bromegrass for leased pasture will be restored as the largest contiguous block of native tallgrass prairie in the upper Midwest.
The shoulder lit up with the burgundy tassels of bromegrass, and then deep blue began to line both sides of the road, a linear bouquet that extended for 50 miles.
Applications of atrazine, in the spring, and glyphosate, in the spring or fall, have been used to reduce cool-season grasses, including smooth bromegrass, with limited damage to warm-season grasses if applied when warm-season grasses were dormant (Dill et al.
Contribution of stems and leaves to the composition and nutrient content of irrigated bromegrass at different stages of development.
As part of his contribution to GRACEnet, Follett and his collaborators are studying the effects of raising corn for biofuels on a Nebraska field where bromegrass had previously been growing for 13 years.
Mature grasses such as switchgrass (Figure 5-8) and smooth bromegrass can produce significant amount of biomass for livestock consumption or ethanol production.
01 1 percent 10,000 parts per million 1 megacalorie (mcal) 1,000 calories 1 calorie (big calorie) 1,000 calories (small calorie) 1 megacalorie 1 therm TABLE A-3 STANDARD WEIGHTS OF FARM PRODUCTS PER BUSHEL Product Pounds Alfalfa 60 Apples (average) 42 Barley (common) 48 Beans 60 Bluegrass (Kentucky) 14-28 Bromegrass, orchardgrass 14 Buckwheat 50 Clover 60 Corn (dry ear) 70 Corn & cob meal 45 Corn (shelled) 56 Corn kernel meal 50 Corn (sweet) 50 Cowpeas 60 Flax 56 Millet (grain) 50 Oats 32 Onions 52 Peas 60 Potatoes 60 Ryegrass 24 Rye 56 Soybeans 60 Spelt 30-40 Sorghum 56 Sudangrass 40 Sunflower 24 Timothy 45 Wheat 60 Milk, per gallon 8.