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Taking the data of 1 October as an example, the fitted rill credibilities of switchgrass, smooth bromegrass, and bare soil were 0.0018, 0.0006 and 0.0829 s [m.sup.-1] respectively.
Key words: biomass energy, harvest timing, nitrogen application rate, smooth bromegrass, tufted hairgrass, slender wheatgrass
Surplus or damaged hay crops of alfalfa or smooth bromegrass.
Forage grasses include Kentucky bluegrass, Canada bluegrass, orchard grass, perennial ryegrass, reed canary grass, smooth bromegrass, tall fescue, timothy, prairie grass, garrison grass, and bermudagrass.
Orchard grass is much like bromegrass but not quite as satisfactory.
When irrigation is unavailable in these areas, extremely drought-tolerant species such as crested wheatgrass and smooth bromegrass should be planted.
Soil chemical properties after long-term N fertilization of bromegrass: Nitrogen rate.
This is comparable to genetic gains reported on selection for reduced NDF concentration, up to -5.8 g [kg.sup.-1] DM cycle 1 in stems and -4.9 g [kg.sup.-1] DM cycle-1 in leaf sheaths of smooth bromegrass (Bromus inermis L.) (Casler, 1999).
Davenport and Thomas (1988) studied photo-assimilation and rhizodeposition in corn and bromegrass, by covering the soil surface with plastic or a mat of moss and algae in an attempt to minimise [sup.14]C[O.sub.2] diffusion into soil.
This project measured the effect of depth on the root length density and root diameter on three grass species: Big Bluestem (Andropogen furcatus), Smooth Bromegrass (Bromus inermis), and Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum).
Now, 5,000 acres that never saw a plow but were planted in fire-resistant bromegrass for leased pasture will be restored as the largest contiguous block of native tallgrass prairie in the upper Midwest.