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2) See Butler, Theatre and Crisis; Julie Sanders, Caroline Drama: The Plays of Massinger, Ford, Shirley, and Brome (P1ymouth: Northcote House, 1999); R.
01) in meadow brome, most of the decline in DM production was quadratic (Table 2), in part because of an increase in DM production from 16.
These easy-to-use farm practices reduced growth of downy brome by 40 percent and, likewise, its weed seed production.
Skipper Brome (39) and George Gibbons (26no) then raised Saints' hopes of claiming the decision but time ran out at 209-7 giving Nuneaton the lion's share of the points.
Heywood and Brome are clearly experimenting with theatrical resources, and using them as diversely as possible for maximum entertainment.
Since 1438, when the present house dates from, it belonged to successive descendants of John Brome, the wealthy lawyer who bought it at that time, until in 1980 it was handed to the National Trust.
In addition Steggle provides a critical companion that meticulously addresses scholarly discussions of Brome and advances that discussion by several giant leaps.
Timing of nitrogen application affects downy brome (Bromus tectorum) growth in winter wheat.
Brome, president of the Society that is now located at 15 Park Row, said "The more efficient space in this federally-owned building will enable the Society to achieve substantial savings in occupancy costs.
Narrow-leafed brome (Bromus breviaristatus) is taller to 1-1/2 feet with seed stalks), coarser, and faster.
HFF senior managing directors Mike Tepedino, Dana Brome, Joe Morningstar and Andrew Scandalios worked on behalf of the borrower, advised by Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers LLC ("Cornerstone"), a subsidiary of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company ("MassMutual"), to secure the financing through a local New York bank.
Imazapic is a pre-emergent herbicide that acts on red brome and other invasive grasses as they germinate in the coming months.
Reprinted with permission from Brome County News, The Sherbrooke Record newspaper, 88 Chemin Lakeside, Knowlton, Quebec, Tuesday, 18 August 2015, page 8.
The home side looked in desperate trouble at 8-3, Owen Edwards having claimed the first three scalps in his 10-3-49-5 return, but Qadir turned the game on its head, dominating a fourth-wicket stand of 135 with skipper Carleon Brome (34) and carrying on to pile up 20 fours and six sixes before he finally fell to Tom Wilkins with the total on 244-6.
While Jonas Barish suggests that any 'defense' that Brome provides is fundamentally casual, and claims that The Antipodes does not directly engage anti-theatrical polemic, (11) Prynne's text and his punishment for it haunt the play.