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The varieties that performed the best in the short term (i.e., between 1 and 3 years after seeding), which included Gala brome (mean cover = 78.05%, SE = 5.5), Grouse chicory (mean cover = 79.85%, SE = 8.1) and Tonic plantain (mean cover = 79.8%, SE = 7.7), were unable to maintain cover well.
She then examines plays that juggle these concerns, arguing that Ben Jonson's The New Inn "advocates the balance of subjects' rights against a moderated, if not curtailed, royal prerogative" (20) and that Richard Bromes The Love-Sick Court offers not only the predictable critique of self-interested courtiers and their bad counsel--readings offered by Butler and Matthew Steggle--but also a more "pointed political statement" about "the usefulness of parliaments" and the necessity of calling them (44).
Chapter 3, "Debating Legal Authorities: Common Law and Prerogative" turns to the early modern discourse of common law, its claims to legitimate legal authority, and its representation in Brome's The Queenes Exchange, The Antipodes, and The Queen and Concubine.
D7) is a naturally occurring soil bacterium isolated from wheat roots that has shown promise for selectively controlling downy brome in cropland [5].
In a tragic farce of events, Sir Thomas, already 'sick in body; died after the service, leaving Brome at 19 technically a ward of court, legally too young to consummate the marriage.
Wherever false brome grows, it eventually will eradicate almost all vegetation, even preventing the growth of baby trees.
After breakfast, we drove half a mile up the road to the first rippling hills of brome and switchgrass between fields of late-standing corn.
Other texts related to Shakespeare and early British theatre history, acquired by Wolfson over more than three decades, feature playwrights such as John Fletcher, Richard Brome, Ben Jonson, William Davenant, Thomas Dekker, John Ford, Thomas Middleton, Christopher Marlowe and John Lyly.
For example, by overgrazing native plants, burros could contribute to the spread of red brome, an invasive annual grass from the Mediterranean that burns easily, charring desert habitats not adapted to fire like the "forests" of Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park.
Particular authors discussed include Richard Brome, Ben Jonson, William Shakespeare, George Chapman, and Robert Garnier.
We also feed plenty of homegrown alfalfa, have rotational graze/ browse acreage available to them, and offer brome or prairie hay round bales for variety in the winter.
En decidant, par un arret rendu le 1er avril 2008, d'annuler la decision de la Commission europeenne du 13 octobre 2005, visant a exempter le retardateur de flamme brome decabromodiphenylether (DecaBDE) de l'interdiction de commercialisation prevues par la directive 2002/95/CE relative a la limitation de l'utilisation de certaines substances dangereuses dans les equipements electriques et electroniques, la Cour de Justice des Communautes europeennes, donne suite au recours introduit par le Parlement le janvier 2006 et met fin a un long litige tant sur la procedure que sur le fond (1).
Heather Brome, from the New England Public Policy Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, examines the issue of housing affordability among young professionals in New England in a February 2008 Policy Brief, "Can young professionals afford to buy a home in New England?" Brome defines young professional households as those headed by a 25- to 39-year-old who has attained a minimum of a bachelor's degree and who is not presently a student.
Invasive grasses, buffelgrass, red brome, and cheat among them, have radically altered millions of square miles of the Western US.