brokerage house

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place where a broker conducts his business


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NBAD Securities wins, for the second year in row, in the best brokerage house category, cementing its position as the country's leading securities and trading institution.
The sales report covers more than 60 worldwide luxury yacht brokerage houses and lists 26 North Yachts as the second highest earning brokerage house for the first half of 2013 with almost $26 million in sales.
Mumbai, India based brokerage house, Emkay Global (NSE: EMKAY), has announced a tie up with the UK's investment bank, Icon Capital.
Among other awards received last year, EFG Hermes took home the Best Brokerage House for 2010 in Oman EJADA award from Muscat Securities Market, the Best Broker in Egypt and Kuwait from Global Investor Middle East Awards 2010, and Best Brokerage House in the Middle East from The Banker Middle East Industry Awards.
Discussions with brokerage house executives reveal that brokerage houses do not generally ask for margin deposits from institutional clients, as chances of default are not considered significant However, in the case of small clients or individuals, brokerage houses do operate on margins.
Summary: Market regulator Sebi wants the PMS offered by brokerage houses and wealth management firms to be more transparent and investor-friendly.
The scrutiny of records revealed that the brokerage house without clients' consent transferred shares and pledged them with the bank to obtain financing.
It was the largest brokerage house in 2009 in Turkey in terms of transaction volume with 76.
I hope that other brokerage houses would follow suit since modern investors are looking for the easiest way to process their orders and this is massively used in the world," Steriev says.
Citigroup's wholesale brokerage house which renamed itself Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc.
Mosaic Properties, a full-service real estate brokerage company serving young and urban clientele, announced that in order to drive consumer traffic, it will also host Rental 911 marathon sessions in which the brokerage house will stay open 24/7 to help home seekers find a place to live.
06 million accounts as of the end of April while E*Trade has been Japan's biggest online brokerage house with 620,000 accounts as of the end of April.
Bonds are an increasingly popular option, says Alfredo Pirrone, manager for capital markets and project financing for Merinvest, a brokerage house run by Venezuelan bank Banco Mercantil.
to exercise his employee stock options through Brokerage House Corp.