brokerage house

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place where a broker conducts his business


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ISLAMABAD -- The oversight committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) policy board has taken notice of non-renewal of licences of six brokerage houses.
Abdul Hadi Al Sadi, Managing Director of Brokerage House Securities, said, "This expansion will offer the company opportunities for market growth and diversification, and a chance to provide products and services to a wider range of customers with branches that covers all parts of the country, not to mention the gain of a competitive edge over our opponents.
The brokerage house also informed that after a 14 months delay due to phase II expansion, the Dhabeji plant that amplifies ASTL's melting/rolling capacity by 2/2.3 times is expected to start commercial operations by the end of March 2018.
CI Capital's brokerage division is one of Egypt's leading brokerage houses and currently ranks second, with an overall market share of 11% and more than a 30% share of all institutional trading on the Egyptian Exchange as of 2016.
Abacus Securities Corp., one of the country's biggest stock brokerage houses, is debuting in the online stock trading business with the goal of edging closer to the top spot in just a matter of one to two years.
Many victims told XPRESS they invested money in Exential on the back of its partnership with the brokerage house. "We thought our money was safe," is the common refrain.
He said the group runs a small brokerage house that is strong in corporate business, but it is seeking a bigger role in the industry, reaching into retail business.
NBAD Securities wins, for the second year in row, in the best brokerage house category, cementing its position as the country's leading securities and trading institution.
links that exist between the brokerage house and its sister bank HSBC
Global Banking News-November 16, 2012--Mumbai brokerage house ties up with Icon Capital of UK(C)2012 ENPublishing -
First Financial Brokerage House, which was picked in June to broker the sale of the government's stake in E.ON-operated electricity distributor, will earn 0.1% of the value of the sold shares, the Privatization Agency explained on Friday.
the risk that a client fails to settle payment against a transaction undertaken the brokerage house on its behalf, on the backing of a margin account
The SECP had received a number of complaints against the brokerage house. The brokerage house failed to comply with the SECP directions to resolve complaints and to transfer shares into respective Central Depository Company (CDC) accounts.
in an effort to invalidate the Japanese brokerage house's claims of more than $2 billion related to contracts for financial instruments, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal and other media.