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Synonyms for brokenheartedness

intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)

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Brock thinks that we need to move beyond Jesus to see the "full incarnation of God/dess in life-giving relationships."(6) For her, a narrow focus on Jesus misses the importance of seeing/experiencing Christ in what she calls the Christa/community in relationships where erotic power, the power of our interrelatedness, heals brokenheartedness. Erotic power incarnates the divine Eros.
In the end, Brock does not see Jesus as central to Christianity; he is only one actor in the possibility of healing brokenheartedness. Her focus is on the Christa/community alone as the locus of relational healing.
Rita Nakashima Brock rejects the focus on Jesus as unique "hero" and shifts the emphasis of Christology towards communities that continue to "heal brokenheartedness," to struggle for justice and love, to exercise the kind of "willfulness and hope" that Jesus did.(15)