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Policy, the bane of artists demanded it, and so, for the sake of a thousand issues and a common front to the common foe, he placed the love of his life upon the altar of his patriotism, and went, a broken-hearted man, into the long exile.
"Eheu!" sighed the broken-hearted Gringoire, " bassa latinitas --bastard latin!"
His father had failed at a time of commercial panic as a country banker, had paid a good dividend, and had died in exile abroad a broken-hearted man.
She was the little Lady Elizabeth Fitz-Gerald, whose father had died a broken-hearted prisoner in the Tower.
ARSENAL striker Alexandre Lacazette was left broken-hearted when Didier Deschamps left him out of his France squad for the World Cup.
Others tagged their broken-hearted friends and suggested that traveling on their own might be the best thing to do to deal with their heartache.