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Synonyms for knee

hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella

joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped

the part of a trouser leg that provides the cloth covering for the knee

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Dom Allen suffered a smashed skull, broken vertebrae, broken knee and eye socket after being hit by a car
He's due around later but he's a canny old gadgie who won't mind being turned down; besides, it would be no fun drinking a bottle of 'Villa' cream soda with broken knee caps.
He had always managed to pay for his addiction but was recently left unable to work after having an operation on his broken knee.
Three ambulance crews attended the scene where they found the driver trapped in her car with two broken legs, a broken knee and a suspected chest injury.
Clodagh Cogley, 21, whose profile indicates a hometown of Dublin, Ireland, said she had suffered two collapsed lungs, a broken shoulder, a broken knee, five broken ribs and a broken spinal cord, according to the Chronicle.
One player who will miss out is defender Nico Pareja who underwent surgery for a broken knee ligament earlier this week and will be out for several months.
Newcastle only have one striker under contract for next season in the form of Papisse Cisse - but they have confirmed Sunday People Sport's revelation a fortnight ago that the Senegal international will be out until October after a broken knee cap operation.
While filming Jackass 3D, Margera suffered a broken knee, foot, clavicle and ribs.
The Nadeem Center says that according to a medical report by the El-Salam International Hospital, Ghareeb suffered a broken knee, multiple fractures of the thigh bone, a broken pelvis, suspected internal hemorrhaging, suspected concussion, a broken right hand and a fractured skull caused by an "attack by others".
In March this year a teenager riding a motorbike on the pavement suffered a broken knee when he ploughed into a car in Park End, Middlesbrough.
Two years ago, he refused general anesthesia for surgery to repair a broken knee. Anesthetized from the waist down, Castro remained awake for the three-hour operation.
Anyway, there we were all lined up at the British Air counter and ready to go: Grant, our cinematographer, broken knee crutches and all; Rhino!, our fearless, ticket-less photographer (but ticketless just for the time being); Corey, funny hair and all; Angel, quite unconcerned with anything at all; Mike, whose mouth would not stop pouring some manner of word for the next fortnight; and myself, ready for just about everything and anything to go wrong.
He was taken to Arrowe ParkHospital with a suspected broken knee and ankle.
Kathryn McCurdy, 34, known at the school by her maiden name Barr, was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene for treatment of a broken knee cap and facial cuts.
DFA spokesman George Reyes said Philippine Ambassador Leonides Caday was brought to a hospital and is in stable condition with head and eye injuries, lacerations to the head and temple, a broken knee, and bruises all over his body.