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a family in which the parents have separated or divorced

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Our teams are seeing many broken bones and broken homes, and people who are very shaken," said Arifin Hadi, head of disaster management at the Indonesian Red Cross.
It is important to use it for the benefit of others, for all the other people who are in the same spot but do not have the opportunity, says Grace, adding every opportunity I get to make life easier for my sister and others like me, I take it.Now at 24, Grace is part of an organisation that raises fund to put children with albinism through school since most of them come from broken homes ndash homes where fathers have fled because of the condition of the children.
When that ended they offered him a job as a care worker in an establishment dealing with people from broken homes. That lasted for about four years.
The film, which explores the themes of immigration, broken homes and prejudice through the story of a Ukrainian woman of Turkish descent, will be screened on March 6 at the James L.
"The war is adding to the number of broken homes," the bulletin noted.
They are the children of broken homes and family break-ups; the children left in care of the local authority.
The study investigated the relationship between broken homes and academic achievement of students.
Broken homes collapse next to crowded liquor stores and empty churches.
Staff at a Scots animal sanctuary revealed yesterday they are being deluged by unwanted felines - many from broken homes where couples have split because of financial pressures.
He said he had seen at first hand the misery alcohol abuse can cause, such as domestic violence, broken homes, and premature deaths, as well as the huge cost to the NHS.
We are building bigger houses but have more broken homes. We live in a world where the focus has become making a living and we have stopped creating life legacies.
He told a Brighton conference that children born into broken homes were increasingly turning to drink, drugs and crime, and the results were affecting the mental health of parents and children across the country.
He warns children born into broken homes are increasingly turning to drink, drugs and crime.
In response to a concern about "broken homes," "matriarchy," and "social maladjustments," reformers promoted the concepts of "self-care" to improve family life and--despite the inherent contradictions--"self-support" to reduce dependence through wage work.