broken arch

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an arch with a gap at the apex

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Overnight stays are few and far between; there are a couple of backcountry options and the 51 developed sites at Devils Garden Campground ($25; near Broken Arch. Reserve early (up to six months in advance) if you want one of the sought-after spots between March and October.
This is Cape Cod's Bob Staake's "Broken Arch" showing instead the division between blacks and whites in the U.S., via the famous Arch.
A broken arch was on the SW limb on Jan 14 and an unusually bright small prominence hearth was seen on the ENE limb.
And she may still exist in undiminished vigor when some traveler from New Zealand shall in the midst of a vast solitude take his stand on a broken arch of London Bridge to sketch the ruins of St.
The walk is a comfortable 0.3 miles but can be extended to about 1.5 miles by visiting Broken Arch.
For a short time the broken arch was filled, as it were, by a Cupid's head with wings, such as one used to find in sale-room catalogues, out-dated and offered for a song.