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Synonyms for sweat



  • perspire
  • swelter
  • sweat like a pig
  • sweat buckets
  • break out in a sweat
  • exude moisture
  • be pouring with sweat
  • glow



  • worry
  • fret
  • agonize
  • lose sleep over
  • be on tenterhooks
  • torture yourself
  • be on pins and needles

no sweat


  • no problem
  • it's nothing
  • you're welcome
  • it's a pleasure

sweat something out


Synonyms for sweat

to excrete moisture through the pores of the skin

to exert one's mental or physical powers, usually under difficulty and to the point of exhaustion

sweat out: to carry on through despite hardships


moisture excreted through the pores of the skin

physical exertion that is usually difficult and exhausting

a condition of excited distress

Synonyms for sweat

salty fluid secreted by sweat glands

agitation resulting from active worry

Related Words

condensation of moisture on a cold surface

excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin

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Marcos Baghdatis hardly broke sweat as he overwhelmed former Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian to reach the last 16.
Second-placed Sale barely broke sweat as they scored five tries with ease.
The sample group were made to exercise until they broke sweat, then samples were taken and put into tubes.
Wales wing Williams scored 23 points but still hardly broke sweat a week after facing South Africa.
The American hardly broke sweat as she swept aside Akgul Amanmuradova 6-3 6-1 in their first-round showdown on Court Two.
And with his second, for the first time in a United shirt, he almost broke sweat.
The Sefton pro, now 12-1, hardly broke sweat pushing Michael Banbula from pillar to post in Southport last weekend.
STEPHEN MAGUIRE and Matthew Stevens barely broke sweat getting into the last 16 of the Shanghai Masters.
Marcos Baghdatis hardly broke sweat as he beat David Nalbandian to reach the last 16.
Gavin Dodd opened the scoring after just five minutes and the Vikings barely broke sweat as they crushed the Hornets for the second time in five weeks.
Gayle hardly broke sweat in hitting 104 not out off 118 balls for his 13th one-day international century, helping the Windies past Bangladesh's tally of 161 without losing a wicket.
Vega, pictured left celebrating his first strike with Johan Mjallby, hardly broke sweat in a dream debut.
Welshman Joe Calzaghe hardly broke sweat polishing off Nebraska's Tyler Hughes after just 124 seconds of their super-middleweight clash at the Wythenshawe Forum last night.
Shrewsbury rarely broke sweat in building up a two-goal lead - but then threw it all away.
WILLIAM BUTLER barely broke sweat as he landed a quick-fire four-timer at Uttoxeter.