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decorate with needlework

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Laces, fans, and broidered gloves, Ribbons for true-lovers' knots, Cushions stuffed with down of doves, Roses' balm distilled, and pots Brimmed with orient philtery.
The author's name, Jade Sharma, conjures an elegance that her protagonist refuses: Maya could not be further from the legend of the colonial opium eater, broidered with hip-bony decadence, if she embodied the opposite one--to wit, the Nixonian myth that only the down-and-out, the poor and black, the white trash get high and addicted.
For Antinous he brought a large and beautiful robe, richly broidered, and in it were golden brooches, twelve in all, fitted with curved clasps (Odyssey 18.293-294).
(2007) indicated that fermented SBM dramatically increased the IgM and IgA content in serum of broiders. Xu et al.
During their visit to Constantinople, Auguste Couvreur arranged for Jessie to be photographed in Turkish costume, 'stayless--and in loose robe, broidered trousers and small cap--with hair hanging loose to the waist'.
Woolf similarly infuses the vivacity she finds in Sterne into her attempt to capture the hubbub of the living moment in the eighteenth-century section of Orlando, (20) in which she evokes a densely peopled and object filled world with Sternean "rapidity" and breathlessness, with its "Ladies in flowered silk" and "Citizens in broidered coats," and her listing "of the tobacco, of the stuff, of the silk, of the gold, of the silver ware, of the gloves, of the perfumes, and of a thousand other articles" of a commercialized society, alongside the coffee house culture where conversation and celebrity figures such as Addison, Dryden, and Pope circulate as fluidly as newsprint (159-60).
His face was as the must that lies upon a vat of new-made wine: The seas could not insapphirine the perfect azure of his eyes, His thick soft throat was white as milk and threaded with the veins of blue: And curious pearls like frozen dew were broidered on his flowing silk.
It is evoked, at one point, telegraphically through an orientalist list of props: 'the rich furs and the costly shawls, the broidered slippers and the gold-laden saddle-cloths--the fragrance of burning aloes and the rich aroma of patchouli' (p.
you neither see a shepherd or shepherdess wrought in worsted, and handsomely framed in black ebony,--or a stuffed parrot,--or a breeding-cage, full of canary-birds,--or a housewife-case, broidered with tarnished silver,--or a toilette-table, with a nest of japanned boxes, with as many angles as Christmas mincedpies,--or a broken-backed spinet,--or a lute with three strings [...] None of these treasures do I possess.
Beaded and em broidered dresses, jackets, blouses and camisoles form layer after layer of luxurious fabrics, offset by long plain skirts and trousers with a beaded scarf to complete the range.
"We've also found that items that have the Guess logo do better, such as em broidered bath sheets at $40."