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a thick and heavy shoe

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Mark Brogan had survived 17 days in a coma; an arduous journey toward consciousness and continual therapy.
Brogan said he had been using the weapon to hunt rabbits but pleaded guilty to the offence of possessing a dangerous weapon.
Brogan had been first stable jockey to the legendary Welsh trainer Fulke Walwyn and during his race riding career had many major successes.
A registered dental hygienist for 14 years, Brogan splits her time between educating with Philips Consumer Lifestyle, teaching at the University of Oklahoma, and working part-time in private practice.
Having written on Tocqueville, modern France, and the history of the United States for almost three decades, Hugh Brogan comes well prepared to write this truly substantive biography.
In the end Dublin had just about enough class to progress with another AllStar, Alan Brogan, a welcome addition during a much improved second-half.
His famous book has, as Hugh Brogan admits, many flaws: it lacks any detailed consideration of the electoral process.
Occasionally illustrated with black-and-white photographs, "The Brogan Book: Your Daily Blarney" is a compilation of prose poems and free verse lyrics employed by Thomas Brogan and range from rants, accusations, and sarcasm to novel ideas, original thoughts, and a great deal of what can only be described as 'blarney', nonsense, and old-fashioned hooey.
Dave Brogan, 48, founder of Sunderland bar Brogan's and nightclub Privilege, was found dead after a suspected heart attack on Saturday at his home in Penshaw, Sunderland.
Immediately, Brogan hands Caley a sealed envelope; shortly afterwards, Brogan is killed by one of a bumbling group of petty thieves who are after the gold.
Maliszewski treats my skepticism as either a character flaw or the slick response of a cagey spokesman: "If there was a base, Brogan moved quickly to cover it.
Senior quarterback Will Brogan connected with senior receiver Kris Shirley on a fade route for a 16-yard touchdown with 1:35 remaining to give the Cowboys the victory.
Brogan has also served as commander of the 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion at the 1 st Marine Division and program manager for the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle survivability program.
Brogan, as the whole of Dublin and Ireland knows, is Dublin's most lethal forward on his day.
The woman responsible for the attacking dog had to punch its head to make it release bleeding Brogan but refused to give her name and drove off in a white car.