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any of several plants of the genus Brodiaea having basal grasslike leaves and globose flower heads on leafless stems resembling those of genus Allium

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For colour later, try Brodiaea 'Laxa', which produces clusters of bright blue flowers in late May and grows to 12in.
For colour later in the season, try Brodiaea 'Laxa', which produces clusters of bright blue flowers in late May and grows to 12in tall.
thread-leaved brodiaea (Brodiaea filifolia), a perennial herb in the lily family, and
Therefore, critical habitat for the tidewater goby, arroyo toad, Riverside fairy shrimp, San Diego fairy shrimp, southwestern willow flycatcher, least Bell's vireo, coastal California gnatcatcher, and thread-leaved brodiaea are not considered further in this opinion.
The extensive online gardening store is offering 50 Brodiaea Queen Fabiola for just pounds 2.
150 Bulbs Collection: Brighten up your garden with this great jumbo bag of 150 mixed summer bulbs 20 Gladioli mixed, 20 Dutch Iris mixed, 40 Acid anther a, 40 Brodiaea, 30 Anemone De Caen only pounds 7.
Consider bulbs such as crocosmia (monbretia), dichelostemma and brodiaea for areas with little or no extra water.
Chinese Camp brodiaea (Brodiaea pallida), a perennial in the lily family (Liliaceae),
Now it is offering a huge choice - 52 tulips, 21 narcissi, five alliums (ornamental onion flowers), four crocuses, four hyacinths and one variety each of iris, brodiaea and grape hyacinth.
Starshaped brodiaea blooms in a mix of lavender and mauve flowers from May to August.