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any of several plants of the genus Brodiaea having basal grasslike leaves and globose flower heads on leafless stems resembling those of genus Allium

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Farellones chilensis Peumus boldus boldo cordillera Actual Arrayan Cryptocaria peumo cordillera Actual Arrayan alba Brodiaea cebolleta costa Actual Maitencillo porrifolia Schinus molle costa Actual Maitencillo latifolius Jubaea palma costa Actual Vina del Mar chilensis Cryptocaria peumo costa Actual Maitencillo alba Prosopis algarrobo valle Actual Antumapu chilensis Luma apiculata arrayan valle Actual Santiago Peumus boldus boldo valle Actual VI Region Madia sativa madi valle Actual Quincanque Aristotelia maqui valle Actual Linares chilensis Cryptocaria peumo valle Actual Santiago alba Vegetal cultivado Solanum maglia papacimarrona costa Actual Maitencillo Lagenaria sp.
Bag of 150 mixed bulbs (20 Gladioli mixed, 20 Dutch Iris Mixed, 40 Acid anther a, 40 Brodiaea, 30 Anemone De Caen) for pounds 7.95
Native brodiaea bulbs disrupted during construction were transplanted to another part of the garden.
For colour later, try Brodiaea 'Laxa', which produces clusters of bright blue flowers in late May and grows to 12in.
For colour later in the season, try Brodiaea 'Laxa', which produces clusters of bright blue flowers in late May and grows to 12in tall.
Q I BOUGHT bulbs from Holland called brodiaea. Can you tell me about this plant?
Related Family Members in Book: Agapanthus, Allium, Amaryllis, Brodiaea, Hippeastrum, Nerine, and Triteleia
* thread-leaved brodiaea (Brodiaea filifolia), a perennial herb in the lily family, and
Native plant associates include crown brodiaea Brodiaea coronaria, winecup clarkia Clarkia purpurea, sand pygmyweed Crassula erecta, bluedicks Dichelostemma capitatum, sanicle Sanicula spp., California goldfields, sky lupine Lupinus nanus and gilia Gilia sp.
150 Bulbs Collection: Brighten up your garden with this great jumbo bag of 150 mixed summer bulbs 20 Gladioli mixed, 20 Dutch Iris mixed, 40 Acid anther a, 40 Brodiaea, 30 Anemone De Caen only pounds 7.95.