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small South American deer with unbranched antlers

male red deer in its second year

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Tim Tate talks of Brocket's "extreme right-wing opinions, fervid anti-Semitism and enthusiastic support for the German leader" and how he had "enjoyed a personal audience with Hitler during the Munich crisis when German troops prepared to invade Czechosloakia".
Brockets are small tropical deer, typically with short, straight spikes for antlers, only occasionally branching into forks.
Seventeen days after this first case, a 1-year-old male pygmy brocket deer (Mazama nana) from the same zoo suddenly died.
The Sydney family of Alistair and Eleanor Brocket and two perfectly normal children all fit together well because they aspire to a normality where ordinariness is admired and anyone who acts or appears different in any way is despised.
Brocket and their two children were decidedly normal.
Brocket Hall member Kay Wardley used her local knowledge to good effect to win the ladies' event with a score of 71.
The first report of the small red brocket deer Mazama bororo, one of the most recently documented cervid species, was identified after conducting a karyotypic characterization of Brazilian animals from the Mazama genus (Duarte, 1992).
Brocket is a British blogger ( about all things domestic, including much on books, a little about wine, more on flower bulbs and needlework, and a good amount on baking.
The main source of income for the weavers involved in the making of these robes comes from the sale of brocket cloth and regular export helps them to earn their livelihood.
I'm A Celebrity star Lord Charlie Brocket - who has been pals with millionaire Ed for four years - was sent a furious text message by fellow jungle survivor Sophie about the fling.
Four years, almost to the day, since 'Lord Brocket' announced himself on the international stage with a century - and was run out 17 runs short of another - Strauss will revert to opener in the First npower Test against New Zealand.
A graduate of Wycliffe College, Toronto, he served in parishes in Lethbridge, Fort Macleod, and Brocket, Alta.
Elizabeth I was given the news that she was the new Queen of England while sitting reading under her favourite oak tree in the grounds of Brocket.
The event is being hosted by TV presenter Jenni Falconer and includes former Miss GB Liz Fuller, Michael Ball, Faria Alam and Lord Brocket on the judging panel.
Ford, whose former inmates include I'm A Celebrity insurance fraudster Lord Brocket, soccer drunk George Best, swindling Guinness chairman Ernie Saunders and MI5 traitor David Shaylor, is a category D jail which houses crooks nearing their release dates.