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Synonyms for brochure

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Synonyms for brochure

a small book usually having a paper cover

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The addition of a company brochure to your marketing arsenal will complement your marketing strategy and act as a valuable tool when introducing your company to prospective clients.
FlipHTML5's CEO, Winston Zhang, said, "We are thrilled to release our brochure creator for Mac, which has been in high demand by our clients.
You cannot miss them in hotels and airports--rows and rows of brightly colored brochures and maps touting tourist attractions.
"I am extremely pleased that the Independent Insurance Agents Association of New York State will also include both the statewide DWI and 1-800-CIIRB-DWI phone numbers on the brochure," stated the Superintendent.
2 Southport For a free brochure Also known as England's classic resort is home to stunning beaches, firstrate shopping, an exciting events calendar and world-class golf courses as well as a casino and three theatres.
Any other brochures and fliers are kept in a file folder behind the teller area so that they can easily access the materials if a customer is interested--but they don't clutter the area.
Speaking to Times of Oman, Mohammed Al Farsi, GM of Shell Oman External Affairs, who supported the campaign, said: "The aim of launching the multilingual brochure is to spread the road safety message to all sections of the society."
If you try to be the advisor who is a great money manager, is Internet-savvy and also offers the best retirement planning advice, you'll just end up with a brochure that's a blunt instrument, not the marketing scalpel it should be.
Richard Calvert, the company managing director for UK Mainstream tour operations, said, 'We've worked hard to understand exactly what makes holidaymakers tick when it comes to choosing their important summer holiday and what they want from our brochures. The results of this are not only reflected in the different types of holidays on offer, but the way they are presented in our brochure portfolio.'
The new brochure also includes details on trips to Amsterdam (pictured), Prague, Tokyo and Madrid, following the launch of these new routes by Emirates airline.
In Kitanovski's view, the objective of the brochure is uniting the entre tourist offer of Macedonia for a more successful presentation on the German market.
South African Airways (SAA), the leading airline on the African continent, has unveiled its 2009-10 edition of the holiday brochure titled 'Next Stop South Africa with an extension to Southern Africa' for Middle East tourists.
Each time a customer asks to take home a brochure, agent Harv Sethi charges them pounds 1 and gives them a receipt.
The California Family Health Council, an organization with expertise in creating innovative health education resources, assisted the project with the development of the brochures and provided a graphic artist to create the illustrations and the brochure design.