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a small spit or skewer

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Sur le bord des plages et tout au long de l'ete, les vendeurs de sandwich ambulants, de harira, de thon, de sauces et brochettes, de viande dont l'origine est souvent inconnue, d'œufs durs agrementes d'huile d'olive, de tomates assaisonnees avec des sauces piquantes-, tous ces commerces naissent et poussent comme des champignons, ils sont tres sollicites par une clientele nombreuse qui ne regarde que le prix mais pas la qualite (faites un petit tour du cote de Sidi Abderrahman-.
Arrange brochettes over hot charcoal fire or on well oiled broiler pan under hot broiler, and cook 15 to 20 minutes or until quail is fully cooked, to 165 degrees F internal temperature at thickest parts, turning frequently.
Start the day poolside with some of our signature amenities like an Evian Spritz and frozen-fruit brochettes while browsing the day's newspapers on an on-loan Kindle.
Then he served up a round of fruit brochettes in tall tumblers--straight, with no chocolate chaser.
The cookbook features more than 100 recipes, including scallop brochettes with coriander and chilli butter and horseradish cream tarts.
The 2002 Clos Pegase merlot ($25), released a year later than usual, displaying restrained fruitiness and suggestions of needing further aging, certainly went well with Eric's tamarind-glazed lamb brochettes.
It was straight on to the serious menu where joys awaited such as lamb brochettes with green massala and raita (pounds 5) and seared scallops with pea puree and oyster cappuccino pounds 7.
These colorful brochettes can be roasted in the oven or tossed on the
But more adventurous female chefs named brochettes, fish and bananas as the ideal foods to stick on the grill.
Brush brochettes with olive oil, season and cook, turning occasionally, under a pre-heated grill until the prawns turn completely pink ( around five minutes.
Begin the meal with egg rolls (three varieties available with several sauces--including spicy apple, spicy tamarind and chile de arbol) or chicken brochettes with a savory cream, peanut and chipotle glaze.
Its winning product was skewered 50g Scallop and Bacon Brochettes in packs of twelve.
This book contains a feast of dishes from all over the Arab world, not only the ubiquitous falafel, kebab and hummus but also mouth-watering stuffed vegetables and stews, couscous, fish, rice dishes, soups, brochettes and oven-cooked meats and superb spicy, stuffed whole lamb, chicken and pigeon, as well as sweets, pastries and traditional drinks.
Place the chicken brochettes in the tray and cook for a couple of minutes to seal.