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a small spit or skewer

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THIS brochette, made with beef, peppers and onions, marinated in garlic, anchovy and rosemary, is taken from the menu at Aktar Islam's Fiesta del Asado restaurant.
Terra Firma Steakhouse station: gourmet burgers, steak baguettes, Cajun fried onion rings and marinated beef brochette with corn on the cob.
In the Quarter, the girls grind out an extra buck from the rescue teams, and the cooks at Galatoire's spike a dozen oysters en brochette.
The menu includes spinach quiche, tamales, chocolate dipped strawberries, cheese tortellini, shrimp brochette, garlic mashed potatoes, and key lime pie.
was actually a brochette of mixed fish on a slimy mattress of exhausted vegetables.
Mrs T ordered salmon and vegetable brochette with lemon and parsley mayonnaise and wild rocket.
A vegetarian meal is also offered, consisting of grilled vegetable brochette with brown rice pilaf.
I'm a vegetarian, but I make an exception for a smoking plate of CEO en brochette.
Accessorize the theme with a variety of grilling cookbooks, brochette skewers, barbecue brushes, turning tongs, oven mitts, and gourmet marinades, sauces, and rubs.
La brochette de sujet comptait entre autre les Nephrovirus, l'Hypo et l'Hyper Potassium /Magnesium pure et simple, l'hypertension arterielle avant qu'elle se developpe, Plan d'intervention dans la prevention des maladies multi-systemqiues, L'ethique en action; la prise de decision dans la pratique nephrologique.
This year's event was held at New York's Prince George Hotel where the group honored Common Ground Community, Lifetime Television and Jeannie Brochette of Steelcase.
15am guided tour of the stud watched the 2004 Grand National winner open a gift presented by Leigh Webster from New Zealand, to reveal a substantial apple, carrot and polo brochette.
To serve, give each person a brochette and two warm tortillas on a plate.
There's been a market evolution and a shift from sausage to swordfish and burger to brochette.