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a sword with a broad blade and (usually) two cutting edges

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Glancing at the wall beyond, there might have been espied, hanging on their several pegs, a cap and feather, broadsword, sash, and coat of scarlet; which any man learned in such matters would have known from their make and pattern to be the uniform of a serjeant in the Royal East London Volunteers.
Director Sharon Selove described the production as a " 'Game of Thrones' type of play," featuring five battle scenes with a cast of 17 clad in armor and fighting with hefty metal broadswords, shields and axes.
What follows is a two-hour headache of swinging war hammers and broadswords wielded by characters in places like Ironforge and Stormwind.
What follows is a two-hour headache of swinging war hammers and clanging broadswords wielded by characters in kingdoms with names such as Ironforge and Stormwind.
the sabers are being forged; and kingly broadswords, in a shower of
Along with his best friend "Trekkie" Julian and a band of assorted geeks, he leads the "Bloody Broadswords" - a throng of bloodthirsty Viking fighters.
It will be joined in the auction by a full suit of 16th century European field armour worth between pounds 18,000 and pounds 24,000, as well as 35 lots ranging from rapiers and broadswords to early flintlock pistols and blunderbusses.
I'm not too sure what the bobbies of the People's Liberation Army would make of hordes of over-excited men and women wearing purple wigs and carrying imitation plastic Viking broadswords invading the bars and hostelries around Tiananmen Square.
Five of the seven are suspected of breaking into a pub the early morning of July 18 in Fussa, western Tokyo, armed with broadswords, tying up employees and customers using adhesive tape and making off with 800,000 yen in cash and jewels estimated to be worth 3.8 million yen.
And in May 2011, four broadswords - weapons more associated with William Wallace than a modern army - were nicked at Fort George Army base near Inverness.
Firstly,they made the Guinness Book Of World Records for delivering the loudest live performance ever,along with the fact they all had rippling Schwarzenegger physiques and went on stage wearing loincloths and brandishing broadswords. And that, ladies and gents, you simply have to love.
Broadswords are flashed when the sequence demands it and Duncan is murdered with a stiletto which looks the business.
Last month, about 1000 weapons, including samurai swords and broadswords, were seized in a police raid on a business in the city centre.
MEMBERS of a medieval re-enactment group say their broadswords are going rusty as they have nowhere to do battle.
AROUND 1000 weapons including samurai swords, broadswords and daggers were seized in a police raid on a city centre business.