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Thus speaking, he opened another hutch, and took out from it a couple of broadswords and bucklers, such as were used by the yeomanry of the period.
He's a horrible, conniving little so-and-so who chopped down your dream once before and is sharpening his broadsword ready to do the same thing again.
His weapon forms include long staff, broadsword, chain whip, double-edged sword, and spear.
Any man of a certain vintage, when given an object that looks vaguely like a radio handset, will rumble in a clipped Richard Burton Where Eagles Dare lilt:"Broadsword callink Denny boy, Broadsword callink Danny boy, Cahm in Denny boy."
It is a two-handled broadsword with a double-edged blade, a wooden grip and a stamped fleur de lis.
A knight's broadsword is to go on display in the town where he was killed for the first time in 150 years.
The burning outline of Ardent was followed by the profile of HMS Yarmouth, then HMS Broadsword.
BAE Systems' rival Broadsword Spine system is now in production at the company's facility in Rochester in Kent in the South of England, and the company is providing initial units to potential customers on a trial basis at the moment, according to Sarah Davies, assistant capture manager, Soldier Power.
'Impeachment is a scalpel, not a broadsword and, even if it were the latter, no sword retains its sharpness if swung too far and too often,' read the statement, signed by IBP president Abdiel Dan Elijah Fajardo.
Her part requires her to wield a seven-pound, two-handed broadsword, dueling foes with choreographed moves that must be executed just right to avoid injuries.
Two more are closer to the "broadsword" side of the equation: clocking at over 60 minutes, with the finale a movie in its own right at one hour and thirty minutes.
On May 25, HMS Coventry and Type 22 frigate HMS Broadsword, which had taken up radar duties away from the main fleet, were attacked by Argentinian Skyhawks.
Broadsword Spine body armour consists of an integrated battery pack, wire-free conductive textiles, and connectors able to supply or receive up to 5A of current while communicating data via USB.
It describes how breath is a key component in fight sequences, how to use intention and focus, vocal aspects during a sequence, and acting-based choices during a fight scene, with examples of stage combat techniques from unarmed, single sword, single rapier, quarterstaff, knife, and broadsword disciplines, as well as exercises in each chapter.