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Synonyms for broadside

Synonyms for broadside

an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution

a speech of violent denunciation

all of the armament that is fired from one side of a warship

the whole side of a vessel from stem to stern

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the simultaneous firing of all the armament on one side of a warship

collide with the broad side of

toward a full side

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His swansong in early 2018 will be to direct The Captive Queen at London's prestigious Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in a co-production between Broadsides and Shakespeare's Globe.
is latest production, arriving in Liverpool later this month, is directed by Jonathan Miller who also worked with Northern Broadsides when they produced Githa Sowerby's Rutherford and Son two years ago.
Pettitt shows how the exigencies of each form determine what is kept and what dropped in the different versions, and how the facts of the case and their instantiations in broadsides were assimilated, emphasized, or downplayed to fit familiar ballad themes.
It's the 32-year-old's first time with Broadsides, although she's admired the company from afar since seeing them as a teenager.
Similarly, Patricia Fumerton's 'Remembering by Dismembering: Databases, Archiving, and the Recollection of Seventeenth-Century Broadside Ballads' presents fascinating information on how collectors like Pepys treated their gathered material (for example, by cutting it up to fit the available page space), and how potential purchasers of the time located the broadsides themselves.
And, as with all the Northern Broadsides productions, it features a cast of Northern actors - with accents to match.
Northern Broadsides is currently preparing for its autumn production, a revival of JB Priestley's comedy When We Are Married.
Somewhere deep in the Pennines a small un-named town ("the backyard of beyond") is ruled by bombastic, bent-as-anine-bob-note Councillor Tony Belcher (a brilliantly boorish turn by Broadsides newcomer Howard Chadwick) and his equally corrupt cronies including a string-em-up judge (Andrew Price), lily-livered teacher (Andy Cresswell) and Machiavellian woman councillor (Clara Darcy).
Cheap though they may have been, the broadsides sold on their popularity and even these penny sheets chased fashion, as with 'The Bonny Grey-eyed Morn', rushed out in broadsheet version after appearing in the theatre--an instance of market synergy, as play and broadside would reinforce the sense of a 'hit'.
The Merry Wives is a collaborative work, one of seven that Broadsides has been involved with over the years.
In many ways Chaucer and Broadsides go together like the proverbial fish and chips, and the only surprise is they haven't enjoyed each other's ribald storytelling company more.
2) Yet it remains the case that vast numbers of songs, including classic ballads and items from the standard folksong repertoire, were printed and reprinted from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries and distributed throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, as broadsides and/or in garlands or songsters (small chapbooks containing several songs).
REVIEW PRODUCTION: Northern Broadsides, The Winter's Tale VENUE: Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield REVIEWER: William Marshall RATING:.
Broadsides describes Medea as "a mother scorned", but her dreadful retribution has little to do with maternal affection.
The lists of titles (with sources) and first lines of broadsides included and quoted run to eighty-seven pages, a mark of Hepburn's thoroughness and the wide scope of his anthology.