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an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution

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The Lake Chelan Mirror Weekly broadsheet newspaper.
No, Mr Livingstone it just makes you a hypocrite because in December 1999 a broadsheet newspaper reported that you said quite clearly: "I hate cars and if I ever got any powers again I'd ban the lot them.
There are so many magazines and online opportunities, plus every broadsheet newspaper has a music section now.
France's leading broadsheet newspaper, Le Figaro, called Cardiff 'sexy' and Hollywood idol Harrison Ford enjoyed a holiday in mid Wales.
The new, colorful broadsheet newspaper will be delivered every Saturday to more than 250,000 Hispanic households in the Valley, Central and East Los Angeles and Long Beach.
21 Which national broadsheet newspaper turned tabloid in a bid to boost sales?
The Concorde study used the method to compare coverage of the Concorde accident in a broadsheet newspaper (The Times), a tabloid newspaper (The Sun) and an Interet-based news service (BBC Online).
The adverts, which ran in a small-circulation broadsheet newspaper, were designed by Edinburgh- based ad agency Union, which created election posters for the Scottish Labour Party.
The man not even known as `Mad Dog' until given the name by a broadsheet newspaper no less, is out.
Coda Energy's annual report has the look of a broadsheet newspaper, similar to USA Today.
The traditional broadsheet newspaper can certainly survive but it may be delivered differently in the future," said Block.
A recent study by a national broadsheet newspaper revealed that 73% of those questioned believed redundancies would lead to key talent leaving the public sector.
Shakun Mohnani, group advertising manager for Al Nisr Publishing Dubai, oversees classified advertising in Gulf News tabloid inserts Classified, Properties, Freehold, as well as Appointments section in the regular broadsheet newspaper.
Furthermore, our collaboration will greatly enhance the content of Delo, the leading broadsheet newspaper in Slovenia.
We are disappointed to note that he hasn't included the sub-category to which we belong: those who sit in the first available seat as long as it isn't next to anyone with tinny headphones, a broadsheet newspaper, a mobile phone, or who look as if they might want to strike up a conversation.