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an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution

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The Weekend Review launched to be distributed on Fridays with the broadsheet newspaper.
A candidate went into his Oxford interview to see a tutor reading a broadsheet newspaper.
"The shooter is in the back seat of a patrol car right now," Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich was quoted as saying earlier by the Spokesman-Review, a daily broadsheet newspaper based in Spokane county.
The DF's opinions are absolutely legitimate but I don't understand why we have to copy them," Rohde, an MEP since 2009, told the broadsheet newspaper Politiken in a weekend interview.
One of the perks, or so I thought, was that early morning, a broadsheet newspaper would come sailing under the door and I would then hop back into bed with it.
The business section of any broadsheet newspaper caters to an uncommon assembly of readers, mainly businessmen and economists.
On that note, the Bull outside the Bullring was recently voted by a broadsheet newspaper in the 'top 20' UK public art pieces so 'obvious' seems to have its fans.
The system can put out up to 2,700 broadsheet newspaper copies with 32 pages, 9,100 bound brochures, or 14,000 16-page signatures per hour.
After four days, the generosity of ACF's members and supporters meant that we had raised not only enough for polling but a full-page ad in our national broadsheet newspaper. Clearly we had touched a nerve.
Two decades ago, a broadsheet newspaper page was printed off a 60-inch wide web of paper, producing a page that was 15-inches wide with a depth of up to 23 inches long.
According to a UK broadsheet newspaper, he identified a British mentor called Richard in the 1,500-page polemic.
I remember a few years ago speaking to a manufacturer that was interviewed by a broadsheet newspaper about the sector.
The former is just about big enough to rival a real broadsheet newspaper, is just 0.3mm thick and weighs about 130g, which is light enough to hold for a while, especially for its size.
Marketing of last weekend's international races emphasised public involvement in the spectacle - hence a slogan 'the excitement that never stops', and a daily newspaper ad campaign that attempted reader participation by asking questions such as, 'Do you know that horses sleep standing up?' Yet coverage in Singapore's broadsheet newspaper, the Straits Times, came from paid-for advertorial, and Monday's front-page picture of the Cup finish was negotiated.