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an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution

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Bartells had been using a broadsheet format for its promotional advertising over the past three years, but decided to switch to a tabloid format after working with a local insights consultant.
Broadsheets like The Times and the Guardian could be given a "U" rating, the Daily Mail and Express a "PG", the Sun and the Star a "12A," and Closer and OK a "15".
TV 5 and the Philippine Star, a daily broadsheet, will hold the second presidential debate at the University of San Carlos or at the University of the Philippines in Cebu, central Philippines on March 20.
The European and Asian editions of the paper had been broadsheet from their foundings in the early 1980s up until 2005, when a "compact" or tabloid format of 11-inches wide by 16-inches tall was adopted.
A WRITER in one of the broadsheet papers this week, made the point that Seamus Coleman is one of the best full backs in the Premier League, and has had a fantastic season.
It shows our paper boys busy at work back in the early 1900s, with the onepage broadsheet Chronicle of the day.
It is designed to produce up to 96 pages (48 broadsheet pages) with a web speed of up to 300 m/min and a web width of up to 1.
He provides background with a couple of essays and points out that during the time period under consideration there was a surge in broadsheet publication; and, in contrast with earlier surges, they were generally informative rather than satirical.
Santhosh Kumar, and the Sports Broadsheet award was bagged by Roberto Canseco.
But the government-sponsored mortgage giant has now hired an outside law firm to help it tackle the Battery Park City logjam, which, sources told the Broadsheet Daily, will make the process move much more quickly.
Which broadsheet was named Newspaper of the Year at the British Press Awards?
SEA THE STARS may well have made the front page of the Daily Telegraph on Monday - a decision aided no doubt by the paper's now-unique broadsheet size - as well as the panel on the front of the Indy, but how did his Arc victory sit, so to speak, with armchair viewers?
Dear Marc, As a reader for many years I think the way out of this predicament is to return to its old, very popular format, ie broadsheet, six days a week.
Dublin-born Bono, who is more used to writing lyrics than opinion pieces, will pen at least 10 columns for the broadsheet paper - nicknamed The Grey Lady - next year.