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Synonyms for broadness

the extent of something from side to side

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Synonyms for broadness

the property of being wide

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As for the broadness in design, we always try to bring in something new, whether a new fabric, a new colour, a new material, or a new design collaboration.
2) this broadness extends only to the United States as none of the chapters touch on the Mexican West.
Ironically, HBO's dominance came about because of the broadness of its slate.
Broadness. Most non-competes we see are specific to a company's key product lines and/or market channels, but we have seen non-competes of the 'You'll never work In this town again' variety.
Summary: After Donald Trump's "major" foreign policy address, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Republican Bob Corker, announced that he was very impressed, extolling "the broadness, the vision" of the speech.
The demineralization process of HAP showed that even though there was not much change in the peak position but there was change in width and broadness of the peaks.
The use of a variety of images of Christ, the Church, and the Kingdom of God speaks to the broadness of perspectives of faith and nourishes theological imagination.
The broadness and inclusivity of his legal knowledge is demonstrated by the diversity of the courses he taught at the University of Khartoum and elsewhere, some of which he introduced to the University.
So as per the broadness of this sector any type of contamination in any part will result in huge impact on the thousands of people.
"The broadness of this bill likely dooms it from a constitutional standpoint," Assemblyman Mike Gatto said.
It is the broadness of this portfolio, in particular, which ensures the continued prosperity of Reitan Convenience.
It is this broadness that makes it nigh on impossible to pigeon hole them into one genre - at different times their sound encompasses alt-pop, rock, folk and much more.
Due to increasing socio-economic activities and urbanization in the region the quality of river's water and broadness of its channels decreasing but need of water supply in the region is increasing [1].
Specifically targeting the broadness of Huffines' bill, Democrats argue the overall trend is antithetical to the platform many Republicans stumped on last year: scaling back the influence of state government in citizens' lives.
"The broadness of the project and complex logistics of a multi-site program will require detailed planning and close coordination with the district's leadership."