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Synonyms for broadness

the extent of something from side to side

Synonyms for broadness

the property of being wide

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The broadness of the relaxation peaks indicates partial compatibility of the glycerol-plasticized starch/PVA blends.
This is backed by our powerful production network of antioxidants in Asia, Europe and the Americas making us worldwide one of the leading partners to the plastic processing industry with a product portfolio unmatched in terms of broadness and quality," he said.
Color works by using advanced technology to process location information, social network graphs, and device sensors to accurately define proximity, so users can share and interact with their community in a way that's more personal and relevant than the broadness of the Web.
They can access most of what they need now locally because of the richness and broadness of our health care industry," Fried said.
uk, captures a larger portion of the market due to the availability that the broadness the domain name lends.
These are completely random items ranging from a big brass key to candle sticks, IKEA shelves, a blanket, DVDs, CDs, glass bowls, DVD players and old books, showing the broadness of this event.
I never think in terms of trends or broadness of appeal," she said.
Baiamonte attributed the current strain on banks to the broadness of the downturn and how it has affected virtually every asset class.
The very words used to denote charitable deeds are an indication of the broadness of the concept.
He said: "A mayor is able to better represent the cosmopolitan broadness of a city.
Reactions between ABOPEtA with TDI forming urethane modified polyetheramide [UABOPEtA] is suggested by reduction both in intensity and broadness of the band of residual hydroxyl group at 3322.
As an unlicensed model, it would potentially endanger the public welfare; in addition, its broadness of scope is disproportionate in relationship to its education.
Referring to the broadness of the existing bilateral relations and stressing the need for yet further expanding them, he said, "Relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran is of a very special importance for Syria and today we need to strengthen our ties more than ever before, since this would serve the interests of the entire regional countries.