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without regard to specific details or exceptions

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Earlier art-historical models, she says, seemed so distant that they weren't really considered "as things to work against." Broadly speaking, artworks have been treated thematically, "but there are diverse approaches to this.
Broadly speaking, I've got about half a dozen people who can really operate there in international football.
The papers are focused, broadly speaking, on the question of the division of labor.
Broadly speaking, the manifesto outlines a body of concrete proposals which should be rapidly applied in order to bolster Europe's added value.
It's the usual suburbanite confection aimed at "activity couples" but, broadly speaking, it's a mini-MPV (remarkably without the Zafira's hugely practical seven seats) loaded with hi-tech lifestyle enhancements, such as a DVD multimedia system, webcam-style camera and hand-held digital organiser that lets you see inside the car even if you're not there.
Bown rephrases this optimistic script in formal terms: "Broadly speaking, the move during the 1930s away from a neo-classical, frieze-like, shallow space towards deep baroque perspectives may be understood as reflecting a growing realisation among artists that space was a metaphor for time .
Broadly speaking, the sixteen papers collected address terrorism and radicalization in special areas and populations; the emergence and organization of terrorism; and the "societal subsoil nurturing intolerant militancy and terrorism, as against measures and processes nurturing tolerance." Specific topics include pathways of radicalization in Pakistan, radicalization in the North African community in France, distinctions between instigators and perpetrators of terrorism, the use of the Internet to spread "Jihadi" ideology, the psychological vulnerabilities of those recruited into militancy, and the role of acts and cycles of humiliation in engendering rage and terrorism.
Broadly speaking, the management of EU funds is deemed effective in 2005, the implementation rate for payments reaching record levels compared with previous years.
looks like a parody of Haim Steinbach's shelf displays, which is telling: whereas, broadly speaking, Steinbach uses his art to critique the commodity fetish, Mantello uses the commodity to critique its critics.
Broadly speaking, the report addresses the causes and prospects of Chinese economic growth, the causes of US trade deficits with regard to China and their impact on the US economy; allegedly unfair Chinese trade practices and their impact on the US economy; the impact of high-levels of low-cost imports from China on US employment, wages, and terms of trade; the likely effects of Chinese ownership of US firms and US public debt; and proposed legislation in Congress to respond to Chinese trade policies and other options that might be available to US policymakers.
Broadly speaking, it describes the information to apply next to projects financed by the Cohesion Fund, along with public awareness-raising campaigns to be conducted subsequent to Commission project co-funding decisions(media information, provision of documents, for example).
Indeed, Deng's open-door strategy itself can be traced to Mao's economic reorientation towards Western Europe and Japan following the collapse of Sino-Soviet relations in 1961, according to Kueh, who explores the economic interplay between the economic policies of Mao and Deng in a series of 13 essays that are organized into three sections that, broadly speaking, focus individually on the new agriculture policy program of Deng as it related to industrialization, the industrialization strategy and Mao's approach to dealing with fundamental economic constraints on industrialization, and the quest of accession to the World Trade Organization while maintaining the pursuit of an independent and integrated industrial system in China.
In addition, twice as many women as men earn the minimum wage among the nine Member States, broadly speaking.
Broadly speaking, UK car buyers shouldn't be much worse off.
Broadly speaking, he addresses the nature of social science, explanations of human action, issues of interpretation, functionalism and macrosocial science, the intersection of biology and social science, the ethics of social science, and social science contributions to understanding the enduring questions of philosophy.