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having relatively broad rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves

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Over the last three winters, I have planted 35,000 native broadleaves and 7,000 conifers on what were conifer sites.
While I wish to see large areas of native broadleaves, we need to keep a sustainable supply of conifer to produce income to maintain the broadleaves, which require much more maintenance in their early years if they are to survive.
It is now used for all the temperate rainforests that are clearly dominated by evergreen broadleaves, both in the Northern Hemisphere (where they occur from the Canary Islands to Japan and from the northern shores of the Black Sea to southern China) and in the Southern Hemisphere (in Tasmania, in southeast Australia and in New Zealand).
The needle leaves of conifers are more resistant to drying by the cold or high temperatures than those of broadleaves.
In other cases, broadleaves and conifers are associated in mixed formations, as happens in the southeast United States and in the mountain areas of Mesoamerica.
beating up of conifers and broadleaves, including those in tubes,
The evergreen broadleaf forests of Asia contain the most delicate Japanese and Chinese landscapes, inseparably linked to evergreen broadleaves like the oranges and the camellias, such as tea, and the culture associated with it, which spread all over the world from the Orient in the last few centuries.
Botanical diversity on CRP sites throughout Missouri varies from near monocultures of tall fescue [a tame grass] to very diverse mixtures of weedy annual grasses and broadleaves," Joost reported at a Soil and Water Conservation Society conference on converting CRP acres to farmland, held in June 1995 in Lincoln.
FC Wales is increasing the variety of trees it plants annually to make forests more resilient to the effects of climate change, and the species that have gone missing include Western Red Cedar, Norway and Sitka spruce, as well as mixed broadleaves.
It will create a new woodland of around 250 hectares of native broadleaves with a mosaic of around 120 hectares of open space.
The process of restoring ancient woods to native broadleaves began in the late 1980s, but the work was erratic and poorly recorded.
Mr Laing said, ``In 20 to 30 years the results of today's management will be reflected in a greater variety and layers of trees of different maturity being visible, from small seedlings to big majestic conifers and broadleaves.
Forest Enterprise Wales will replace the conifers by ``direct seeding'' broadleaves, a new method which involves placing upright tree branches that are laden with seeds into the ground, and allowing the wind to scatter the seeds throughout the former plantation.
The area of broadleaved woodland has increased since 1980, with the relative proportions of broadleaves to conifers increasing from 29pc to 44pc.
Despite the increase in both conifer and broadleaf woodland, more than half the respondents thought the area of broadleaves had decreased over the past 20 years, and one-third believed the area of conifers had decreased.