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having relatively broad rather than needlelike or scalelike leaves

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Previous work with lambsquarters ([C.sub.3] broadleaf) suggested that C[O.sub.2] induced increases in biomass, while a factor, did not entirely account for the reduction in chemical efficacy (Ziska et al., 1999).
Until the late 1980s it was argued that the presence of broadleaf trees in forest stands, aspen (Populus tremula), rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), and willows (Salix spp.), is undesirable because they attract moose and augment browsing activity, thereby impacting growth of commercial species (Yli-Vakkuri 1956, Loyttyniemi and Laaperi 1988).
Here, conifers are the big winners over broadleaf evergreens.
While tall fescue cover was uniform and dense within each block, broadleaf weeds were different among sites and blocks.
These actions are unrelated to a patent interference proceeding between Syngenta, Monsanto and other third parties contesting rights to a United States patent covering all transgenic broadleaf plants per se, including soybeans, cotton and canola.
An Arcto-Tertiary flora of mixed temperate rainforests of broadleaf trees and conifers also covered all this region until the Eocene.
Forest types were classified as needle-leaf or broadleaf, and the broadleaf sites were further classified as tropical or nontropical; no tropical needle-leaf sites were included in the compilation (Table 1).
The exception is the broadleaf site on the Kohemarere soil where soil pH is notably lower than under pasture.
To find out, we grew seven varieties last summer in Sunset's test garden--'Genova Profumatissima', 'Genovese', 'Broadleaf Sweet', 'Large Green', 'Lettuce Leaf', 'Napoletano', and 'Sweet'.
The Pacific coastal area also consisted of a mixture of scrub woodlands, grassy clearings, cultivated plots, and open deciduous broadleaf forest (locality 2, 2.6 mi.
An NRW spokesman said native broadleaf species will be replanted there afterwards.
At the time, test results detected trace amounts (less than 16 parts per billion) of clopyralid or picloram, members of the picolinic acid family of persistent herbicides, which are highly effective, highly specific broadleaf herbicides.
This sale provides Nufarm with FMC's SU-class herbicides and Florasulam for post-emergence use to control broadleaf weeds in cereals.
FMC will acquire DuPont's global chewing pest insecticide portfolio, its global cereal broadleaf herbicides, and a substantial portion of DuPont's global crop protection R/D capabilities.