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a densely textured woolen fabric with a lustrous finish

a closely woven silk or synthetic fabric with a narrow crosswise rib

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It is made by joining two pieces of broadcloth down the middle and finishing the edges with ribbon work.
This technique was commonly done over red, indigo, or black Strouding or other woolen broadcloth. Buckskin was another common base.
It is thought that this may include additional evidence for the production and sale of highquality medieval broadcloth at the Great Drapery.
Then, too, as sailors do, my John came home from Officers' Training School, stumbling over his new sword, sporting, too, a full-circle, black broadcloth officer's cape!
The pair swept to the front leaving the home turn, with De Sousa-piloted Immortalised stalked by Mullen on stable companion Broadcloth. The former ultimately found more, in doing so becoming a first UAE winner for Frankel.
According to the evidence from Tartu, silk thread was usually reserved for reddish broadcloth, which was the best quality woollen fabric unearthed during the archaeological excavations.
Most of the original products remain in the current survey in some variant, although a few, such as wool broadcloth, granite plates and teacups, and wooden pails and tubs, have become obsolete.
"I have cut out the body of the piano from black broadcloth which I want you to pad with cotton and place in the right spot to fit on the legs....
Most fabric names remain as technical terms within the clothing industry (broadcloth, galalith, guingham, heatherspun, etc.), whilst others have been thoroughly assimilated into the vernacular, which is somehow noticeable in spelling shifts (chantung < shantung, guarandol < warandol, linin < linen, linolan < linoleum, yersi < jersey).
To create the space, located in a 19th-century building on the city's Inventory of Historical Monuments list, the firm drew upon Francophile iconography at once reminiscent of vintage broadcloth shirts and the signature stripes of conceptual artist Daniel Buren's site-specific installations, outfitting the space in wall trims of lapis blue, carmine red ivory, and satiny aluminum.
New applications for kenaf have been developed in the pulp and paper industry for oil absorption as a potting medium in the manufacture of broadcloth in filtration and as an additive in animal feed [4].