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a station equipped to broadcast radio or television programs

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SANA's reporter in Deir Ezzor said that while performing their daily task of preserving security and protecting public and private properties, internal security personnel found weapons, ammunition, radio broadcasting station, printer, and tunnel's digger left behind by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in al-Mayadeen area.
The Siumut party had drawn up a bill on limiting the amount of non-Greenlandic newscasts on the national broadcasting station, KNR.
The district's board and the KOCE-TV Foundation held a special presentation to conclude the sale of Orange County's public broadcasting station.
The long horizontal white strips of the broadcasting station Deutsche Welle by Joachim Schurmann & Partner (initially intended to serve the parliament building) complete a public campus.
The community broadcasting station LIP FM involves more than 100 disabled and able-bodied youngsters from across Liverpool.
In addition to dropping thousands of leaflets (like to the one shown here), the Commando Solo II aircraft functions as an airborne broadcasting station, pumping pre-programmed AM, FM, and HF radio, as well as TV, messages into Iraq, much the same as it did during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
Cebu Catholic Television Network (CCTN) is a joint initiative of the Cebu Archdiocese and Radio Veritas, the broadcasting station of the Manila-based Federation of Episcopal Conferences of Asia.
.'2WP Calling' - Britain's second broadcasting station was on the air, 24 hours after London's.
Mark Lombardi's intricate, weblike drawings charted the machinations of international finance and global realpolitik with frightening precision; Gregory Green's functional pirate broadcasting station, installed in the museum's attic, demonstrated that seizing the airwaves--the means of production--is possible.
The Tribune Broadcasting station group is the show's core launch group.
No matter what segment of the sector you're involved in, attaining and cultivating donors is fundamental to raising money, whether a health agency, university, or public broadcasting station.
The private TV network said it plans to broadcast the concert, which was taped in cooperation with the North's Korean Central Broadcasting Station.
The state-run Korean Central Broadcasting Station started its satellite broadcasts Sunday in conjunction with the 54th anniversary of the establishment of the North's Workers Party of Korea, the ministry said.
The commission on which Kitagawa sits plans to assign in April 2000 digital broadcast frequencies and their corresponding television channels to each main broadcasting station, called "parent stations" in industry circles, in large cities nationwide.
In a special radio program commemorating the first anniversary of what Pyongyang says was the launch of a satellite, the (North) Korean Central Broadcasting Station said, "We have obtained all means necessary to launch a satellite for practical use into orbit."
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