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a company that manages tv or radio stations

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Earlier, the State Property Management Fund reported that Naryn Broadcasting Company has large receivables in Kyrgyztelecom.
The Norwegian public broadcasting company NRK has reportedly approached the Norwegian ministry of culture with a suggestion to increase the TV licence fee for next year by 5.
Philadelphia-based Medical Broadcasting Company (www.
Jones, who owns the recording company Qwest Records, says the new broadcasting company will be based in-Los Angeles.
George Bush, well known for hobnobbing with evangelical circles, recently wrote a letter of tribute to the retiring president of Far East Broadcasting Company, Robert Bowman.
Terry London, President and Chief Executive Officer of London Broadcasting Company noted that, "We look forward to working with KUQI Licensee in providing services that will lead to increased viewership for the Fox affiliate in Corpus Christi.
Sanchez commented, "International Broadcasting Corporation is a broadcasting company that operates as an offline and online content provider by providing information and commentary on financial news.
Libin, who in 2000 co-founded a broadcasting company whose technology allows analog TVs to receive digital signals and provides access to interactive content and services, also co-founded an Internet set-top box company, which was renamed "My Turn" by Chairman Ted Turner.
Tribune Entertainment Company, the Los Angeles-based entertainment division of Tribune Broadcasting Company, is one of the country's pre-eminent suppliers of television programming, creating a diverse portfolio of shows for syndication, network and cable.
Assets have been acquired from many advertising deals, which have made IBCS not only a broadcasting company but also a holding company.
American Broadcasting Company Auctions (ABC Auctions), SGS, and Great American Insurance (NYSE) mean that lanelogic is uniquely positioned to gather and apply the needed inventory intelligence, insure every vehicle it places, and deliver the industry's first real-time intelligent vehicle trading platform.
E[acute accent]Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) is a unit of the Fox Entertainment Group.
com) is the nation's seventh largest radio broadcasting company (based on 2004 net broadcast revenue) and the largest radio broadcasting company that primarily targets African-American and urban listeners.
Inlet's Series B investors include Technology Venture Partners (TVP), Telecommunications Development Fund (TDF) and North Carolina-based Capitol Broadcasting Company (CBC).
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