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Within the context of network broadcasting and inasmuch as it is a progressive network, I am sure there will be more information of relevance to the Caribbean community on this network than on many other general-market networks.
The broader context for these ideas includes the floodlighting of the south front of Broadcasting House and its symbolic Radio Mast.
Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) and three other broadcasters started regular terrestrial digital TV broadcasting in metropolitan areas in November 2001.
* The Royal Commission on Broadcasting is appointed with Robert Fowler as chair.
So, at the age of 36, I signed a one-year playing contract, then a two-year television contract and began broadcasting Phillies games in 1980.
Deverell made her broadcasting debut 25 years ago when CBC asked her to host a segment of its daily current affairs show Take 30 on television, children and violence.
The party's Spring Conference backed a resolution which attacked the BBC's Board of Governors and called for a broadcasting committee to be set up by the Scottish Parliament.
But with satellite broadcast monitoring equipment easily available in China, the number of Chinese able to watch foreign satellite broadcasting is rising despite regulations to the contrary.
The enhanced part refers to computerized applications that automate processes such as: Sending text and/or graphics to a database of thousands of fax numbers (known as fax broadcasting), or fulfilling a request for information chosen from a menu of documents stored electronically (known as fax on demand).
The first full decade of radio broadcasting in the United States coincided with the fabled "Jazz Age" or "Roaring Twenties," a period of significant cultural upheaval on both sides of the color line.
Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the current attempts to eliminate the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the Department of Education.
Paddy Scannell and David Cardiff have produced an impressive study of the British Broadcasting Corporation during the inter-war years.
These include not only the traditional audio-visual instructional aids, such as films, overheads, and videos, but also the use and application of newer technologies, such as teleconferencing, satellite broadcasting, computer-based training, interactive video, compact disc, and laser disc technology.
SK Telecom and Sinclair Broadcast Group at CES 2019 signed a joint venture agreement to lead the next-generation broadcasting solutions market in the U.S.
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