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But as the radio industry moved toward network and commercial broadcasting, the novelty wore off; by the end of the decade, potted palm music was fast becoming a relic.
The painfully slow development of the news department is discussed in detail as it grew from an unorganized appendage of the service into a more professional organization which demanded a more prominent role in broadcasting.
Internet Broadcasting produces web sites for TV stations, which reach more than 13 million unique visitors monthly in each of the top 25 U.
The North American ATSC digital television broadcasting standard differs greatly from the DVB and ISDB techniques used in other countries.
Hyacinth Nwana, Arqiva's managing director Mobile Media Solutions said, "Arqiva has extensive experience in delivering mobile broadcasting services across a variety of standards and we're delighted to be working with Microsoft and Penthera to further investigate the services that can be delivered over DAB and DVB-H.
This report identifies and evaluates the realistic deployment options and business models for each broadcasting technology, helping operators to select the best for their own particular circumstances.
With continued good relationship with Toshiba, I expect we can offer high-quality digital broadcasting service to viewers when installation is completed.
The report especially points out the following: In 2004, development environment gradually improved in China's broadcasting industry.
ITV's decision to move away from its existing ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) network is seen as the herald of a new era in broadcasting technology globally, as IP-based MPLS enables the fast, cost-effective delivery of converged services across a single, flexible network platform.
Using Avistar Interactive Broadcasting, a designated moderator or a group of presenters can see in real time a dynamic list of all those watching a desktop videoconference and easily bring any viewer into the active video broadcast by simply dragging their name from the list into a moderator control panel.
Educational Broadcasting Corporation is honored to have been chosen by Barry University to acquire WXEL television and radio," said Steven Rattner, chairman of EBC's Board of Trustees.
The Broadcasting & Cable TV Global Industry Guide is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the broadcasting & cable tv industry.
Pink Sheet:APELY) had produced as of February 29, 2004 a total of 500,000 units in the TDE series of front-end units and TDH series of terrestrial digital broadcasting tuners, which incorporate demodulators in the tuner component, in a variety of specifications for the demodulation methods used in Japan, the U.
MRI), a provider of proprietary broadcast monitoring solutions based in Australia, and Internet Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
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