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a station equipped to broadcast radio or television programs

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He called on Congress to build on the FCC's March 31 unanimous and bipartisan vote banning separately owned, same-market top four-rated broadcast stations from colluding in the sale of retransmission consent.
It claimed that the video provider's withdrawal of the counteroffer constituted bad faith, and asked the commission to require that the video provider carry the broadcast station on terms that the provider had previously proposed.
Understanding redundancies within a company's overall network of broadcast stations is one way to mitigate any extended interruption to the broadcast.
"Every local media ownership rule passed in the '70s has been relaxed oreliminated by the FCC over the past 30 years except for the ban on thecommon ownership of a newspaper and broadcast station in the same market," Sturm said.
Roll back the digital television mandate--Besides giving away a huge, valuable, swath of spectrum to the very corporations they now worry are becoming too powerful, the federal mandates increase the costs of maintaining a broadcast station by upwards of $1 million.
Nearly every radio or broadcast station has a Web site--in today's wired world, it is a necessity.
Its nationally broadcast station, Prime Time Radio, is among the three nominations for best digital radio station at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.
Challenge their self-serving claims of "Being There For You" or "Your Source For News" by pointing out that the lack of courage of one's convictions is a pretty big blemish on a broadcast station's pretty community service face.
What would be a good way for a local network broadcast station to do that?
The FCC on Tuesday (7/9) released its Broadcast Station Totals for the second quarter of 2019.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 7, 2017-US Broadcast Station Deal Volume Hits USD 2.7bn in 1Q17, Kagan Media Research Finds
Underpinning the dispute is a growing controversy around "( retransmission consent " fees, which pay-TV operators pay to broadcast station owners for the right to carry their feeds.
TVU Grid brings down the walls of a broadcast station, enabling them to bring in and send out video content in a cost-effective manner," said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.
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