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a medium that disseminates via telecommunications

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We are extremely encouraged that the Edison study provides independent confirmation that Mall Radio's non-traditional broadcast medium and programming delivers unmatched ad retention, and is an entirely different, powerful, and uniquely effective means to enhance the shopping experience," said Ken Levine, CEO of Mall Radio Network.
Hill elaborated further, "We consider the Internet to be the third broadcast medium and will continue to aggressively pursue distribution alliances to maximize the audience reach for our clients' NBN projects.
The acquisition positions Media 100 to grow with the rapid adoption of Internet video as a new broadcast medium.
As these types of events become larger and grander in scale, and as the Internet becomes a more popular broadcast medium, the need for Showpower's temporary utility services will continue to grow.
News/Broadcast Network views the Internet as the third broadcast medium, as vital a component of a media plan as television or radio.
Today, Cuban is providing the visionary leadership necessary to redefine the concept of a broadcast network, and develop the Internet into a broadcast medium on par with traditional radio and television.
As the TV and PC converge, brand recognition and differentiation will be achieved by those companies that take greatest advantage of the interactive potential of the new broadcast medium.
According to Richard Merrick, 7th Level's Chief Strategist, "WaveTop's endorsement of our technology for the data broadcast medium is especially significant to us as we move to horizontally integrate into broadband platforms, as well as mid and narrowband.
The USWeb SiteCast Intranet Series is an example of a leading-edge broadcast medium for the Web -- a first for delivering high-quality video, chat and presentations simultaneously," said Brad Chase, vice president of marketing, Internet client and collaboration division at Microsoft Corp.
Veoh democratizes television distribution by allowing anyone with a broadband Internet connection to publish their videos to the world, without the restrictions of traditional broadcast mediums.
is the leading health Media Company that produces original, authoritative and trusted health information and media services delivered through print, Internet and traditional broadcast mediums.
This new investment package, together with valuable experience brought to the Company by these individuals, will help us advance our growth strategy for delivering next generation entertainment over the Internet and other broadcast mediums and to proceed with planned acquisitions.
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