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Synonyms for broadbill

tropical American heron related to night herons

freshwater duck of the northern hemisphere having a broad flat bill

small birds of the Old World tropics having bright plumage and short wide bills

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obesus), as well as broadbill swordfish and striped marlin (Kajikia audax) (AFMA (2)).
I had decided upon doing two trips, each one consisting of two days fishing which includes the not insubstantial time it takes to Latham from Dar, and a night targeting the 'gladiator of the sea', the Broadbill swordfish, weather dependent of course.
Broadbill swordfish and black marlin move through this part of the ocean, along with large schooling species such as trevallies and tunas.
I headed back down the hill from the temple and continued on Jalan Mat Jambol to Kent Ridge Park, where I often caught sight of the brilliant blue flash of kingfishers, and the fleeting green and yellow of the long-tailed broadbill. But today, in the relentless heat of late morning, the birds were all laying low.
Very clearly in the non-omen category is the fruiting-call of the Indian cuckoo (kuang kaput) or the forecast of rain by the black and yellow broadbill (pelopou).
Extinct species include the dusky seaside sparrow, Guam broadbill (a bird), and two small fish living in desert springs.
The Guam broadbill (Myiagra freycineti), a small flycatcher that occurred only on the island of Guam, was listed as endangered in 1984.
USS Broadbill vets, friends and family: Evan Crane (716) 434-4859
BEALE ST tp = Beatles, belates BILLBOARD tp = broadbill CADILLAC ta4 = dialectical CASH BOX ta3 = matchboxes GOLD RECORD ta6 = dendrochronoloy GOLDEN RECORDS ta5 = dendrochronologies GOLD LAME ta1= gamboled GOSPEL tp = golpes GOSPEL ta1 = epilogs, prolegs, splodge GUITAR ta2 = antidrug, gratuity, ligature, ziggurat HIP-SHAKING td2 = kingship HYSTERIA ta1 = hairstyle, yahrzeits MEMPHIAN ta3 = amphetamine, impeachment PELVIS ta1 = pelvics, plosive SOUNDTRACK ta6 = counterblockades DARRYL FRANCIS Sutton, Surrey, England
broadbill)--a migratory fish of tropical to temperate waters.
Also, for the author to refer to broadbill and swordfish as two separate species is wrong.
Some of these species are in danger of extinction or are rare in Thailand, including some lowland forest species, such as the dusky broadbill (Corydon sumatranus) and the black-and-red broadbill (Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos).