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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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Carriers and service providers are faced with the challenge of meeting the demand for universal broadband service quickly, reliably, and cost effectively.
ViaSat's SurfBeam system can enable two-way satellite broadband service pricing that is comparable to terrestrial, but in areas with population densities too low to be economical for wired or wireless networks.
By using Netopia's NBBS platform to manage the deployment of DSL gateways and related IP equipment, to provision associated services such as voice over IP (VoIP), to manage and support its growing installed base of CPE, O2 can realize significant cost savings, grow revenues from new broadband offerings, and ensure their customers enjoy an easy broadband service installation experience.
CPE vendors worldwide understand that broadband service providers will require their products to incorporate TR-069 specifications," said Chris Thompson, NetopiaeIUs vice president of Marketing.
NBBS is a key component of our broadband service assurance solutions for service providers," said Jeff Porter, Netopia's vice president of advanced software sales.
China is a leader in broadband service delivery, delivering high-speed Internet, telephone and TV services over a single IP-infrastructure," said Simon Williams, vice president of sales and operations in Asia Pacific, Redback Networks.
TSTT's "Quick Start" is based on Motive's High Speed Data FAST (Fully Automated Service Technology) solution, which allows users to activate their broadband service through self-installation.
Our products extend the limits of broadband by delivering innovative new broadband services beyond the PC and the living room," said Ray Smets, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Netopia.
In addition, it provides regional subscriber forecasts for cable modem service, DSL service, fixed wireless broadband service and Fiber-To-The-Home households.
Netopia has established strategic distribution relationships with leading carriers and broadband service providers, including AT&T (formerly SBC Communications), BellSouth, Covad Communications, eircom, Swisscom, and Verizon.
NextWeb will continue to offer its full portfolio of business broadband services, including scalable bandwidth up to 10 Mbps, redundant access, converged solutions, and high-capacity licensed point-to-point links at speeds up to 100 Mbps.
announced an agreement today to offer Covad's business-class broadband services in 168 CompUSA stores nationwide.
Motivated by the all-digital-lifestyle vision, Actiontec's products enable broadband service providers to deliver innovative communication and entertainment experiences.
Cable operators, ILECs, and competitive carriers are all investing in and deploying broadband services and the increasingly competitive market for customers has already resulted in downward pricing pressure for DSL, cable, and fixed wireless services.
Hosting 3GSM Government Plans to Build Future Mobile Broadband Services on Proven WiMAX Successes
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