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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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The Broadband Connection Voucher scheme offers businesses up to PS3,000 towards the cost of installing faster broadband, and it has recently been extended.
Among those Americans on the younger side of the adult scale (18-29 years old), 80% reported having a broadband connection at home.
Access Broadband Cymru will provide grants of up to PS1,000 per premises in areas which have slow broadband connections.
According to the company, Affordability, flexibility, and choice are the essence of this new offer that gives Zain s Home Broadband subscribers the option to get up to four mobile broadband connections that come with a variety of devices.
The company's sub-distribution service allows telecoms operators and Internet service providers in Europe to offer satellite-based broadband connections through the existing last mile infrastructure.
9% growth in broadband connections across the country during 2008 and attributes this growth to new offers and combined services being made available by service providers together with an ongoing tax reduction programme by the Brazilian government which reduces the net cost of computers that cost less than BRL4,000 (USD1,790), a move intended as a 'digital inclusion measure'.
The proportion of households with a broadband connection in 2006 was highest in the Netherlands (66%), Denmark (63%), Finland (53%) and Sweden (51%), and lowest in Greece (4%), Slovakia (11%), Cyprus (12%) and Ireland (13%).
And if your broadband connection is ever down, and you have to use a dial-up connection, that software firewall will be there to stop the burn.
Relatively economical to set-up, all that's required to create a simple hotspot is a broadband connection and a wireless router; the addition of billing and authentication software can make the hotspot a profit-maker.
Todays broadband service subscriber is becoming increasingly aware of the capabilities, and the limitations, of their broadband connection, says Mike Paxton, In-Stat analyst.
The home networks were deployed so that more than one PC could be connected to the broadband connection and two or more people could access online content at high speed at any one time.
It lets you share files among PCs by dragging and dropping them in Windows Explorer--and share a broadband connection, CD drives, and printers connected to other PCs.
First, I pay for a broadband connection, say a cable modem with 2Mbps of bandwidth.
A year's free broadband connection and free activation has been provided for Hospital Radio Perth in the UK by Zen Internet, a UK Internet Service Provider (ISP).
In total, around 40,000 UK households or businesses are choosing to install a broadband connection each week.
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