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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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"We see a bright future for wireless broadband technology as it rapidly replaces wired connections here in Maine and around the world with increasing capacity, reliability and ubiquity," said Jim McKenna, Redzone President & CEO.
The USO is intended as a "safetynet" to deliver broadband to those premises that do not have access to a decent and affordable connection.
Average price for broadband in the UAE, which is controlled by a duopoly of telco providers, is $157.10, against a global average of $72.92.
Statistics issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have showed that number of mobile phone users reached 149 million by March 2018 and broadband subscriber reached 56 million.
The Universal Service Fund Company (USF) has awarded three projects of broadband for sustainable development (BSD) worth over Rs.
In terms of wired broadband facilities, Globe was able to deploy fiber broadband in 12 cities in Metro Manila as well as in 19 provinces nationwide.
For example, in July 2017, Japan dropped three points in broadband ranking to No 13, while the United States sat not-so-pretty at No 9.
With the majority of Wrexham residents now having the ability to access the service, the campaign will showcase how superfast broadband is transforming the way people work, learn and connect with their families and friends.
i3 Broadband is a subsidiary of CountryWide Broadband, LLC ("CWB"), providing TV, Voice and Internet services through a 100% fiber optic network in the greater Peoria, Champaign and Urbana, Illinois markets.
O'Rielly cited the ( FCC's reporting from 2015 that shows 90 percent of Americans have broadband access at speeds of 25 Mbps or better.
According to TRAI, for fixed broadband services, telecom operators will have to mention data usage limit with specified speed, speed of broadband connection upto specified data usage limit, speed of broadband connection beyond data usage limit.
In a report on its market monitoring activities, the telecom regulator said the range of services offered by efficient competition across technological platforms and ongoing investment in new technologies, such as high-speed mobile broadband, are signs of healthy and sustainable competition.
The range of services offered by efficient competition across a range of technological platforms, and ongoing investment in new technologies such as high-speed mobile broadband, is a sign of healthy and sustainable competition.