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a large ax with a broad cutting blade


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Before the coming of the broadaxe, those primordial stands of colossal hardwoods offered only shade and mystery.
Products: Herbicides--Aim EC, Anthem, Anthem ATZ, Authority, BroadAxe, Broadhead, Cadet, Command, Marvel, Obey, Shark EW, and Spartan Charge; insecticides--Capture LFR, Carbine, Chariot, Hero, Mustang, Mustang Maxx.
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Authority, BroadAxe, BroadHead, Cadet, Command, Spartan Charge, Obey, Shark, Zeus; insecticides--Beleaf, Capture LFR, Carbine, Chariot, Hero, Mustang Maxx, Stallion; insecticides/miticides--Athena, Brigade WSB, Gladiator; fungicides--Ranman, Rovral; Display harvest aid Ad/PR agency; Swanson Russell
As some eight by eight timbers were needed, logs were cut and hauled into wood yard and hewn with broadaxe. All barn and house timbers were done this way, by their fathers and grandfathers, as there were no saw mills as we have today.
Products: Insecticides--Athena, Brigade WSB, Beleaf, Brigadier, Capture LFR, Carbine, Gladiator, Hero, Hero EW, Mustang, Mustang Max, Stallion; herbicides--Arm, Authority First DR Authority MTZ, Authority Assist, Authority XL, Anthem, Anthem ATZ, Broadaxe, Broadhead, Cadet, Command, Display, Rage D-Tech, Shark EW, Shark H20, Spartan, Spartan Advance, Spartan Charge, Spartan Guard, Zeus; fungicides--Ranman, Rovral Mktg comms agency: Swanson Russell Database agency: SIGMA
Five hundred years later, "squat warriors, dark-haired, armed with broadaxes and hatchets and swords and spears and clubs" try to settle this "land of rocks" but are driven mad by boredom and the wine they make from the meagre vegetation on the island and one night "run howling into the teeth of the storm-surf" and are lost (92,93).
The famed coopers at Robertson's Windmill in Williamsburg still shape their staves with broadaxes, planes, and drawknives, then gather them in a circle secured by a ring.
Perhaps this is because I learned to hew with a standard bit ax rather than the broadax, but ironically, I now own and use two broadaxes and have found my stance unchanged when using them.
In tools such as swing blades, chisels, plane blades, draw knives, adzes and special broadaxes we have one side of the bevel as the flat side of the tool body and the angled side forming a long slope to it.